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  • I live in a place abundant in boots, trench coats, messenger bags, fingerless gloves, and bowler hats (Northern East Coast).
  • My occupation is a former Bureaucrat, Admin, Content Moderator, and Rollback on a variety of Wikis.
  • I am correction tape (male)
  • Bio I joined FANDOM in November of 2017. Since then, I have risen to positions of power on over ten Wikis. The only Wiki I currently contribute to is the Spirit Halloween Wiki, where I have accumulated over 10,000 edits, though I have nearly 30,000 across FANDOM.
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Welcome to my profile/domain! You must be pretty bored to be here xD?

Anyway, in the hopes of keeping you entertained, I created a small article in itself here with links to more interesting lists at the top of the page! Here are my favorite characters and species!

Favorite Characters

Ma'kis'shaalas White-Helmeted Ranking Death Watch Member Poletec chieftain

Favorite Species

Nikto Senator
TCW Water War Quarren warriors
Nikto Quarren Poletec

By the way, my username is derived from a television series I used to adore but now only occasionally watch. In it, a polished, adept, chauffeur was murdered, and, him being the character I was most fond of, I decided to honor him in my username.

Here are a few interesting lists not linked at the top of this page!

Successful Comprehensive, Good, and Featured Article Nominations

  1. None at the moment

Planned Comprehensive, Good, and Featured Article Nominations

  1. Unidentified Death Watch soldier (white helmet)/Legends (Planned Good Article)
  2. Jedi strike team (Possibly Planned Good Article)

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Episode II Sith Art

Have you seen this thing?! Nightmares for months!

That's it for now, bye, and thanks for visiting! --Boot Lover (Wanna Discuss Something?) 03:49, June 25, 2018 (UTC)

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