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"Atin's very different. What happened to him to make him so burdened?"
Etain Tur-Mukan[src]

Atin Skirata, formerly known as RC-3222 or simply Atin, was a clone commando of Mandalorian Jango Fett. hhhhhwords


Early life and training[]

"We had Walon Vau."
"That explains where you get your cheery outlook."
"Sergeant Vau taught us the importance of planning for the worst scenario. And maximizing your tech. Being hard is good, being hard with superior tech is better."
―Atin and Niner Skirata while on a mission on Qiilura[src]

Geonosis and assignment to Omega Squad[]

Mission to Qiilura[]

Skills and abilities[]

Personality and traits[]

"Being hard is good, being hard with superior tech is better."

As a Human male created on the Wild Space planet of Kamino,[1] Atin stood 1.83 meters tall,[3] had black hair and brown eyes, and was the clone of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. He was intensely devoted to his comrades, and by loss of his first two squads, he had developed a pronounced fear of losing them. Trained by Walon Vau, Atin was devoted to the state of his equipment and stressed the importance of superior gear in any given scenario. [1]


"Got a thing for Trandoshan technology?"
"This’ll deal with shields better than our E-Web. And the LJ-fifty is a nice backup when we take out the facility. Just in case. Republic doesn’t make all the best gear."
―Darman and Atin[src]

Behind the scenes[]

Atin Skirata first appeared as RC-3332 in the 2004 novel Republic Commando: Hard Contact, written by Karen Traviss.[1] Atin was later illustrated by Robert Hendrickson in the 2006 short story Odds, which was featured in Star Wars Insider 87.[5]




  • Kamino = Wild Space: [6]
  • Geonosis = Outer Rim: [6]
  • Clone troopers = 1.83m, Tipoca City, Kamino: [7]
  • CT creation date/activation date = 32 BBY/22 BBY: [2]
  • BTS squad info: [8]

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