Homeworld Coruscant
Species Zeltron
Gender Male
Height 1.88 meters
Hair Color Dirty blond
Eye Color Blue-gray
Affiliation Centrality

Hi there. I'm Thanos6. Big fan of all post-ROTJ EU, and TOTJ; the prequel stuff, not so much. Also perhaps the world's number one fan of the Lando Calrissian Adventures. ;)

My SWW philosophyEdit

My philosophy is, "Let someone else do the big articles. Let them take care of things like Palpatine and Thrawn and all the big names like that. Let them do the Executor and the Millennium Falcon. I'm gonna do the stuff nobody remembers."

In other words, if I were a saint, I'd be The Patron Saint Of Minor, Mostly Forgotten Characters And Concepts. :)

Things here I'm proud ofEdit

  • The Rokur Gepta page. My first featured article!
  • The Galactic Emperor page, namely working out a list that most people find acceptable.
  • Kadann and Coruscant, two more pages I worked on and successfully nominated for featured status.
  • Super-class Star Destroyer, because I just love that ship--the 8km, separate version, not the retconned Ex nonsense.

More to come later.

Darth Vader = lameEdit

This is my ongoing section on why I dislike/hate Darth Vader. No, this isn't a joke.

Reasons so far:

  • Largely boring in the OT; watchable only for lightsaber duels.
  • Downright annoying and irritating in the prequels. Chosen One. Teh.
  • Took over the saga, pushing out infinitely more interesting characters.
  • Was never "redeemed." If that had been Random Jedi #24514 getting blasted by Palpatine, Vader wouldn't have done a damn thing. The only reason he killed Palpatine was because it was his son. And remember, concern for his family is what led him to the dark side to begin with. This wasn't redemption, this was just Vader continuing to be selfish.

More to come.


I've decided these two make a great slash/yaoi couple together. Nya ha. Also, TheForce.Net sucks due to its lame, homophobic policies.

What I'd change about Star WarsEdit

This isn't little canon nitpicks here and there. No, these are the kind of things at the story's very foundation.

1: No such thing as Force-sensitives. I would have made it so that anyone, absolutely anyone, could become a top-tier Force-user. It's just that only a small fraction of the galaxy has the patience to learn.

2: Make Palpatine less about power. Yes, he'd have all kinds of nasty Force tricks in spades, but what really makes him the man who brought down the Republic is his cunning mind. They got this right early in the EU, but lately he's been more about blasting stuff. Palpatine is a villain who should be able to scheme his way to the top without a single superpower.

More to come.


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