Hello there, I'm Winterz and and I come from Portugal. I consider myself a bon vivant whose simple goals in life are producing happiness and wealth, assisting Wookieepedia and of course enjoying the whole experience.

I joined the Wiki in October 2011 but only became an active editor by mid 2012. Following that I joined some of the nice and fancy clubs such as the AgriCorps and the EduCorps. Unfortunately by late 2015, my interest in Star Wars had vanished (because Disney) and so I left the Wiki. After managing to accept the new reality and canon, I returned in early 2019 to help contribute to this great community and I still do today.

I have collected a ton of Star Wars comic books, sourcebooks, magazines and novels (too big to list) so for any request, including for images, please place it on my talk page.

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("overhaul" stands for expanding articles, adding images and filling redlinks)

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Old Republic is a MMO video game with some of my favorite content. It's filled with Old Republic lore and it's just awesome. It's the only piece left of the Legends continuity and it's still running strong to this day, adding lore with every update. I've worked on its articles since 2012 and produce on all sorts from image addition, to story expansion, to Bts and lately, I focus on referencing the minor articles. I have nominated a few articles to status and plan to nominate a ton more. I've also helped put up a few Consensus tracks in order to facilitate the storytelling of a lore with so many options and choices.

I'm such a fan of the lore that I have created a repository of maybe 90% of the entire game's transcript, properly organized. I haven't actually played the game that much, having subscribed for only a few months this whole time and having a free2play in-game hours of maybe hundred or so. As personal projects, I maintain a user page documenting all the events featured in the video game, or at least I will at some point. I also keep a user page to post all the story mail I have in my repository but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble to upload all that here.

If you have any requests, maybe a word to search or some fact, please leave a message in my talk page and I will search the transcript.



Maintaining the wiki is also a major interest of mine and the community could always use support in this department. I feel it's of great priority to maintain it and have worked for it since early on. I started ambitiously by taking down nearly 2,000 orphan pages (pages without anything linking to them). I formerly worked on fixing countless redirects. Recently, I have worked on fixing hundreds of Featured article redlinks and solving hundreds of pages with reference errors, which on occasion I still do. I also assist with proper categorization on occasion.



I am fanboy for visual media and so I love to help Wookieepedia by adding a ton of images in articles missing ones, labelled with the {{Imageless}} template.

If you have any requests for images, please leave a message in my talk page and I will search throughout my extensive collection of Star Wars (books, games, TV, films) and try to get you the best quality I have.




Planets were my first interest when I joined and I still like to write about them. Around 2013, I nominated some to status as part of Wookieeproject Astrography and I plan to do it again this year.


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