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  • I live in Edison, NJ
  • I was born on March 10
  • My occupation is College student, Food Runner
  • I am Male

Welcome, Andrewh7! Edit

Hello, Andrewh7, and welcome to Wookieepedia! We hope you like the place and choose to join us in building the best Star Wars encyclopedia there is. Here are some things you should know:


New to wikis? Don't worry, we were all new once. Our help pages will get you started, and the Jundland Wastes sandbox can be used for test edits. Don't be afraid to make mistakes—be bold!

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wookieepedian! If you have any questions, you can consult our FAQ, ask a question in the Senate Hall forum, visit our official IRC channel, or leave me a message on my talk page.
May the Force be with you! —RattsT (talk) 09:37, January 9, 2020 (UTC)

Sith Master editEdit

You added characters who exist solely in Legends to a Canon page. Certain Old Republic Sith have been made canon thanks to the ROSVD, but until a source confirms a character they are not canon. RattsT (talk) 09:02, January 9, 2020 (UTC)

  • I've added the Welcome Message on this page, hopefully it can clear up some confusion on how Wookieepedia works. And ROSVD is The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary, a reference book that's canonized a few Legends Sith. Hope this helps :) RattsT (talk)


No, there's no need to merge articles. If they have appeared in both continuities then there should be two pages. Merging them would just create a mess since both continuities don't match with each other.

As for SWTOR, by community concesus it was decided that we would use the Republic side for everything from Shadow of Revan till right now on Onslaught. Any alternative would be written in the BTS--DarthRuiz30 (talk) 09:24, January 9, 2020 (UTC)


Anathel leads the Sphere of Sith Doctrine which includes all those other Spheres. The other three spheres "disappeared" and the Sith Doctrine one was created. So we should only list that one, since he didn't led the other three.--DarthRuiz30 (talk) 03:59, January 12, 2020 (UTC)


Thank you for contributing to Wookieepedia! Please note that at least one of your recent additions added unverified information to a mainspace article. Additions to Wookieepedia's articles must be verifiable by a reliable source per our sourcing policy, and unverified information may be reverted or deleted. Continuing to add unverified information may lead to you being blocked from editing by an administrator. Thank you. --DarthRuiz30 (talk) 03:53, January 13, 2020 (UTC)

  • The warning is for Force lightning/Legends, no source was added for every single entry that you added. Besides adding Darth Nox twice in the paragraph of Force Storm. As for the Barsen'thor, I didn't reverted, but its clear why it was done. The Barsen'thor does not cover anything about the Eternal Alliance, since there's no confirmation of who that is. Our article The Commander (Alliance) is where we cover everything about it, but without speculating who is the Outlander.--DarthRuiz30 (talk) 04:04, January 13, 2020 (UTC)
    • Any class can be the Outlander, for that same reason we're created a generic page where everything can be added. There's no 8 Outlanders, there's just one.--DarthRuiz30 (talk) 04:50, January 13, 2020 (UTC)
      • That's why we listed Darth Nox as a Force storm user, not the Commander.--DarthRuiz30 (talk) 05:06, January 13, 2020 (UTC)
      • Let me just ride in to point one thing: some SWTOR player characters have been referenced before the game's release. The Jedi Knight was indirectly mentioned in the Revan novel. As for the Barsen'thor, the reason we know it's a he is because his tomb was identified as belonging to the male and hero Barsen'thor in a source (the whole article is sourced). There have been other Barsen'thors but only previous to the one represented in the game. See: Barsen'thor Winterz (talk) 04:07, January 15, 2020 (UTC)
        • What Winterz said here, we know he's a he because of the source that its mentioned in the article. And no, there's no need to create another Barsen'thor--DarthRuiz30 (talk) 04:08, January 15, 2020 (UTC)


Ideas are run by the community, not by me. If you want to hear other's opinions, please use the Senate Hall to create a post with your ideas. As for the Sith Emperor, no there's no need to create a page since it was Vitiate, not another individual.--DarthRuiz30 (talk) 04:15, January 15, 2020 (UTC)

RE:Affiliations Edit

See: User talk:Potsk --Potsk (talk) 16:21, February 5, 2020 (UTC)

  • To Andrew, regarding this situation: I have explained many times that all Sith have frequented the Academy. We usually use the Sith Academy as an affilition when there's nothing else. In the infobox we are to be as brief and simple as possible. Do not add Sith Academy in affiliations unless there's nothing else. Can you imagine if we started adding schools that all characters have frequented in the affilition box? It's just insane and irrational. StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit Winterz (talk) 21:05, February 5, 2020 (UTC)
    • The infobox is meant to be brief and objective. You're trying to compile all the information there and that's not what it is for. If you're going to list every institution Darth Nox and the Emperor's Wrath have relations with, then that's a massive list. Be reasonsable. StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit Winterz (talk) 21:45, February 5, 2020 (UTC)

SWTOR Updates and skillsEdit

An update isn't an expansion. Unless they're marketed as an expansion there's no need to create something. Just like Jedi Under Siege isn't an expansion.

As for the skills of slicing or piloting, I guess if at any point of the vanilla game the character is shown to be skilled--DarthRuiz30 (talk) 05:43, February 11, 2020 (UTC)


I don't think there's any rule that limits that. --DarthRuiz30 (talk) 23:12, February 11, 2020 (UTC)

  • Hello. Since you have violated the Three-revert rule of Wookieepedia, this is your formal administrative warning: revert again and administrative action will be taken against you. It should be obvious to you by now that the community does not want the Sith Academy listed as affiliation on the articles for Sith who trained there, as evidence by several editors removing this information. Please do not go against the community's will again. You may find it far more prudent to discuss the matter on the Senate Hall. Imperators II(Talk) 19:47, February 12, 2020 (UTC)


Firstly, it's not about rules. Secondly, that kind of tone would get you nowhere, maybe the wrong side of Wookieepedia. Thirdly, not negotiating something of such controversy before reverting edits would get you banned. On the main issue at hand, putting the academy under affiliations just because Nox was affiliated with it is unnecessary. What could be achieved by stating that this Sith is affiliated with the Sith academy just because Nox trained there, as with almost every other Sith at the time? What could be achieved, following this logic, would be to listing every single affiliation because all affiliations are affiliations and go into the affiliations field. It is of no substancial purpose, and is detrimental to the presentation of knowledge on Star Wars topics, the purpose of Wookieepedia. One could argue that putting everything up exactly fulfills this, but imagine an infobox extending for pages upon pages on computer screens. ---It's unnecessary. Feel free to create your own personal workspace for all your personal projects, including having gigantic infoboxes. I'm sure some people will appreciate it, but doing so on a public space, with, naturally, as a space, limited space, is simply innappropiate. Agree or not, I'd suggest you drop it before you lose the privilege/right to contribute to Wookieepedia. This is insignificant, both the matter and the concerned information being ommitted or included, and should be concluded before disproportional damage, to you, is made. - - -CIS roundel OOM 224 ༼༽{talk}༼༽ 21:04, February 12, 2020 (UTC)

  • I suggest you leave all these affiliation fields from trivial additions now, for your sake, and the community's. - - -CIS roundel OOM 224 ༼༽{talk}༼༽ 21:08, February 12, 2020 (UTC)
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