Gear up, soldier Edit

We've got incoming. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 21:06, December 18, 2018 (UTC)

Relationship with the ForceEdit

Quick question: aren’t the terms attuned, linked, connected, sensitive, etc. to the Force all the same by meaning? --Chris Urena (talk) 07:05, December 24, 2018 (UTC)

EC 52 Edit

EC 52 BBY, 12/01/19, 4 PM ET. CY. Imperators II(Talk) 16:51, December 24, 2018 (UTC)

INQ-100 Edit

Beep beep. Whrrrr. I hate sand. Imperators II(Talk) 14:49, January 26, 2019 (UTC)


Fruit. 113. Fruit. February 23rd. Fruit. 3 PM ET. Fruit. Please leave notes if you cannot attend. FRUIT. Thank you, Tommy Imperial Emblem Macaroni 15:41, January 28, 2019 (UTC)

EduCorps Meeting 53 Edit

Meeting 53 will be on Sunday 17th of February, 2019 at M ET / 9 PM UTC. Ayrehead02 (talk) 17:45, February 7, 2019 (UTC)

Clown question Edit

Don't be a clown, bro. Attend Inqmoot 101. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 02:20, March 4, 2019 (UTC)

EduCorps Meeting 54 Edit

It is with great sadness that I must invite you to EduCorps Meeting 54, which will commence at 4pm EDT on March 23, 2019. Please dress accordingly. Ayrehead02 (talk) 09:33, March 9, 2019 (UTC)

AgriCorps Meeting 114 Edit

Dear Mr. Exiledjedi. We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at the AgriCorps School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins at 3pm ET on March 30. We await your owl by no later than March 29. Yours sincerely Ayrehead02 (talk) 10:25, March 9, 2019 (UTC)

Review Board Rescheduling Edit

Due to a conflict with the InqMoot, AgriCorps Meeting 114 has been rescheduled to 3 PM ET on Saturday, March 23rd and EduCorps Meeting 54 has been rescheduled to 4 PM ET on Sunday, March 24th. Sorry for any inconvenience. Ayrehead02 (talk) 00:01, March 10, 2019 (UTC)

AC Dance Party 115 Edit

You are hereby invited to the 115th Daft Punk Dance Party of the AgriCorps on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 3pm ET/8pm UTC. Please transmit notes if you cannot attend. MasterFredCommerce Guild(Whatever) 21:38, April 10, 2019 (UTC)

Inqmoot 102 Edit

FAN: Endgame, or Inqmoot 102, will premiere on April 27, at 3 PM ET / 6 PM UTC. Strap on your Infinity Gauntlet and I'll meet you there. 1358 (Talk) 14:42, April 21, 2019 (UTC)

EC meeting 55Edit

EJ, it has been over a month since the last EC meeting was held, and you are down to schedule the next one. Please take the time to do so over the next few days, or I'll do it myself. Thanks, Tommy Imperial Emblem Macaroni 17:17, May 1, 2019 (UTC)

AC Meeting 116 Edit

Be there or be square. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 01:49, May 6, 2019 (UTC)

Inqmoot 104Edit

You have been challenged by Pokemon Trainer Tommy! Inqmoot 104 will be held on June 15, at 3 PM ET / 6 PM UTC at the IRC league. Top up on potions. Tommy Imperial Emblem Macaroni 21:29, May 18, 2019 (UTC)

  • Slight update: the meeting is actually at 2 PM ET, not 3 PM as I previously stated. Sorry for any confusion. Tommy Imperial Emblem Macaroni 07:56, May 19, 2019 (UTC)

Wiki Manager Edit

Hello Exiledjedi! My name is Playsonic2, and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for Wookieepedia - just wanted to introduce myself. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, please feel free to reach me on my message wall. See you! ~Playsonic2 09:18, May 20, 2019 (UTC)

AC Meeting 117 Edit

You are hereby invited to AC Meeting 117. June 29, 2019 3 PM ET / 7 PM UTC. Skål! 1358 (Talk) 22:57, June 14, 2019 (UTC)

EduCorps Meeting 56Edit

It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling. You are hereby invited to EduCorps Meeting 56, which will be held at 4 PM ET / 9 PM UTC on June 22, 2019. Please leave notes if you are unable to attend. TanDivoInsignia-SenateMurders Anıl Şerifoğlu (talk) 14:14, June 17, 2019 (UTC)

EC 57 Edit

Hi! EC 57, Jul 13, 4 PM ET. CU Imperators II(Talk) 13:12, June 26, 2019 (UTC)

Fandom's official Discord server Edit

Hi! I’m here to share the news that Fandom has an official Discord server now. Feel free to check this blog post from Community Central, which includes more details and, of course, the server invite link. Editors from many different communities and staff members are there chatting already - you (and other editors!) are invited to join as well. Playsonic2 08:08, July 12, 2019 (UTC)

AC 118 Edit

Hello! Come visit the Pacor sector on July 27, 2019 at 3 PM ET / 7 PM UTC! Imperators II(Talk) 21:30, July 12, 2019 (UTC)

Inq 105 Edit

Inqmoot 105 will be held on Saturday, July 20, 2019. Please be sure to leave notes if you cannot attend. Supreme Emperor (talk) 03:25, July 14, 2019 (UTC)

Inq 106 Edit

Inqmoot 106 will be held on Saturday, August 17, 2019. Please be sure to leave notes if you cannot attend. Supreme Emperor (talk) 03:18, July 27, 2019 (UTC)

AC Meeting CXIX Edit

AgriCorps Meeting 119 / CXIX has been scheduled for August 24 at 3 PM ET / 7 PM UTC. Unless you want to participate in the gladiator games, your attendance or notes are requested. Cheers. 1358 (Talk) 11:35, August 3, 2019 (UTC)

Wondering Edit

For the page about SW 8: Outlander 2, should the character list include the Trandoshan in the diner from page 8, and Jabba's green haired slave girl from page 15? --Blockade3 (talk) 10:10, August 9, 2019 (UTC)

EduCorps Meeting 59 Edit

Report to the briefing room! Meeting 59 will be on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 4 PM ET / 9 PM UTC. Corellian PremierJedi symbolThe Force will be with you always 18:00, August 14, 2019 (UTC)

INQ 107 Edit

Hello. Please join us for an evening full of pleasant screaming on Saturday September 7, at 2 PM ET / 6 PM UTC. Please leave notes if you cannot attend. Imperators II(Talk) 22:48, August 17, 2019 (UTC)

AC Meeting 120 Edit

31 days until your journey! (booking reference EX1L3D)
Pick your favorite seat today or add meal service, extra baggage or priority boarding using our online booking system. Check-in is available starting today. We look forward to seeing you aboard!
Flight AC12028SEP19 3:00PM ET / 7:00PM UTCAgriCorps IRC channel (IRC) — Probetown (PRB)
access your booking details | 1358 (Talk) 10:06, August 28, 2019 (UTC)

Mofference Edit

Hey, EJ. Just a heads up that the Mofference has been rescheduled for tonight, in about 90 minutes from this message, rather than tomorrow. I haven't seen you in a few days and you haven't signed up yet, so just wanted to send this message in the hopes you can make it. Thanks. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 21:34, August 30, 2019 (UTC)

Hyperlink Edit

Hey man, you fixed my link on the List of novels by release date page, thanks for that. Can you tell me how to link the way you did please? Every time I tried it kept doing it the way it ended up. Thanks.--InfinityNexus (talk) 23:12, September 3, 2019 (UTC)


Come to the 108th thing (of the Inq variety). Saturday October 5, at 2 PM ET / 6 PM UTC. Please leave notes if you cannot attend. Tommy Imperial Emblem Macaroni 22:01, September 14, 2019 (UTC)

Rebellion attack strengthesEdit

May I ask why you think that the points made here (and on the connected talk pages) aren't valid to say that a game mechanic attack strength doesn't equal a numer of guns? If another game gives the attack value 5 to a blaster, do you think it's 5-barreled? Kind regards, Onicle (talk) 23:07, September 15, 2019 (UTC)

EduCorps Meeting 60Edit

The EduCorps' sixtieth meeting will be held on Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 4 PM ET/ 8 PM UTC. Fan26 (Talk) 17:27, September 30, 2019 (UTC)

Canon comics proposal changeEdit

Hey, Exiledjedi! Just a quick heads up that I've made a small change to Forum:CT:Naming policy: Canon comic books. The change specifies that parenthetical descriptors will refer to the issue's publication year rather than the series', and the corresponding links were also changed. If you could review the changes to make sure you're still in support, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! - Cwedin(talk) 21:27, October 19, 2019 (UTC)

  • A second vote has been added to the CT, and it will determine how to disambiguate competing titles. Please take a look when you have a chance! - Cwedin(talk) 02:45, October 21, 2019 (UTC)

Thanksgiving Edit

Thanksgiving is at Tope's house this year. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 10:10, October 30, 2019 (UTC)

First Order on infoboxEdit

Thank you for adding the resistance character to the infobox. could you also add the First Order character to the box as well. Please and Thank you.--Jkirk8907 (talk) 00:52, November 2, 2019 (UTC)

Inqmoot 110 Edit

Yoda Claus is comin' to town. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 07:49, November 3, 2019 (UTC)

EC Cup 61 Edit

Congratulations, you have qualified to participate in the 61st EC Cup! Please bring your A-game, or make sure to leave notes if you cannot attend. QuiGonJinn Senate seal(Talk) 11:52, November 6, 2019 (UTC)


Hey EJ. Just figured if your bot could handle a few redirects I found? Winterz (talk) 01:07, November 11, 2019 (UTC)

Email Edit

Hey EJ, I sent you an email (using the address in your Fandom account) on the Wookieepedia admin chain. Want to make sure that you see it and can reply today! - Brandon Rhea(talk) 18:45, November 11, 2019 (UTC)

AC Meeting 123Edit

AC Meeting 123 has been scheduled for Saturday, December 28 at 3 PM ET / 8 PM UTC. Please leave notes if you cannot attend, otherwise you will not get presents from Santa Claus. TanDivoInsignia-SenateMurders Anıl Şerifoğlu (talk) 20:10, December 1, 2019 (UTC)

EC Meeting 62 Edit

It's time for the 62nd annual spilling of the tea. Be sure to arrive at 4pm EST on Sunday, December 29 with your tea in hand, or leave some juicy drama in the notes if you cannot attend. MasterFredCommerce Guild(Whatever) 07:02, December 10, 2019 (UTC)

Inqmoot 111 Edit

Meeting 111. January 11, 2020. 2 PM UTC / 7 PM UTC. Be there. 1358 (Talk) 20:59, December 12, 2019 (UTC)

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