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Glad you liked my views on the Imperial Army. :) They're probably my favorite aspect of the Star Wars universe, despite the fact that they're never in the movies and little more than implied in most other sources. Actually, maybe that's WHY they're my favorite part: because there are enough spaces that I can fill them in with whatever I think is best. :) That, and the fact that they seem to present an alternate view of Imperial servitude, one not through the filter of the Stormtroopers' fanaticism. In the otherwise very simplified and polarized Good vs. Evil mentality of the Star Wars universe, the Imperial Army provides a bit of moral ambiguity, which is something I'm drawn to.

It's also something I'm trying to capture in that fan fic, though honestly I don't know if it'll ever be done. It's something I'm very much interested in, but I'm pretty distractable and have trouble with long term projects, so I've been working on it on-and-off for a few years now and I'm not even halfway through my first draft (though what is written has been revised several times on its own and I have the general plotline already planned out in my head). If I ever do finish the draft I'll be sure to send it your way for your input. :)

As for the 501st, I myself have wanted to join for a while, and have also considered creating an Imperial Army trooper uniform either in addition to or in place of Stormie armor. I don't have that sort of money to spend at the moment, but maybe some day. :) I particularly like this 501st AT-ST pilot's uniform: ...I think a uniform like that combined with a Snowtrooper chestplate (painted to match) would make a great Imperial Army trooper costume. Snowtrooper chestplates don't seem too hard to come by, but I've never been able to find an AT-ST pilot helmet for sale; I wish I could ask that fellow where he found his.

Anyway, thanks for taking a moment to compliment what I wrote. :) Good luck on starting an Imperial Army branch of the 501st, and if you know where to find AT-ST pilot helmets I'd appreciate the tip, and maybe one of these days when I have some extra money lying around I can begin work on an Imperial Army uniform myself. :)

TK-134 05:29, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

I hear you about working on things on-and-off. Something that might help you out is to release your story in chapters or just little bits, sort of blog-style. That can help you get feedback and encouragement to continue. I'd love to see whatever you've got. The only thing I know of that comes close to explaining the soldiers of the Empire are Allegiance, Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire, or the stories about Janek Sunber in the Empire comics. There's a little in there about the regular garrisons, especially Allegiance, but not much. It's a great place to explore and I like that as well.
As far as a costume, what you've described is exactly what I'm thinking of. Someone created a description of the costume on the 501st's Armored Cavalry Division, and either there (or through me) you can get sources for all the armor you mentioned. The AT-ST driver is one of the cheaper costumes, and has a good mix of cloth elements (for comfort and mobility) and armor (for the "awesome" factor). Three separate instances of the Army Trooper exist in the canon, so this ought to be easily approved by the 501st once someone puts together the costume. KievanMereel 19:19, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

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