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Re: Sorry to bother you, but I have to know[edit source]

It's no bother at all. Just be sure to sign your post next time so I don't have to figure out who you are. :P If you don't know, you can do it by typing out four of these things-> ~ or clicking that fancy signature button up in the bar with the Bold and Italics buttons.

As for your question, it's not really as bad as a bunch of people are saying. Republic Commando and Imperial Commando, and all the Legacy of the Force stuff is all still canon and good and keeps on being the same as ever. Lucas wanted these new peaceful Mandos that coexist with the galaxy in a more normal way and he got them, in the form of the New Mandalorians. But thanks to the champs who worked up the Essential Atlas and I believe a few things in the Complete Encyclopedia, everything's been retconed to work out. About 700 years back from the Clone Wars era, there was some kind of big battle between the Mandos and the Republic that left Mandalore (the planet) in ruins. Not "nuked" as people keep saying, at least not in the literal sense. A bunch of the surviving Mandos said "Okay, that's enough. We can't do this anymore." so they up and left, moved to the planet Kalevala, and formed the New Mandalorian faction. Think of it as a splinter group kinda like the Death Watch, but going in the opposite direction. That's what's happening in the Clone Wars show. As for the Mandos most people know from the RepCom books, they're still on Mandalore, having recovered over the seven hundred year period back to the way they were.

I don't really know why Karen Traviss has called it quits, to be honest. I'm going to miss her work with the commandos. Anyway, hope that helps fill in a few blanks. If you need anything else, feel free to hit me up any time.--Bella'Mia 04:34, December 14, 2009 (UTC)

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