Welcome, PlNG![edit source]

Hello, PlNG, and welcome to Wookieepedia! We hope you like the place and choose to join us in building the best Star Wars encyclopedia there is. Here are some things you should know:


New to wikis? Don't worry, we were all new once. Our help pages will get you started, and the Jundland Wastes sandbox can be used for test edits. Don't be afraid to make mistakes—be bold!

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wookieepedian! If you have any questions, you can consult our FAQ, ask a question in the Senate Hall forum, visit our official IRC channel, or leave me a message on my talk page.
May the Force be with you! — Tommy Imperial Emblem.svg Macaroni 15:23, February 17, 2019 (UTC)

Phase III Dark Trooper[edit source]

Hey PING, Your recent edit on the Phase III Dark Trooper went a little sideways. When you edited "Behind the Scenes" section, you mislinked the Imperial sentry droid, It led to a Legends page. Just be sure to check where the link goes. Welcome to Wookiepedia! Happy Editing! May The Force Be With You! Supreme Commander Raxus (talk) 13:55, February 18, 2019 (UTC)User:SupremeCommanderRaxus

Oh, my. Articles separated by case sensitivity? That's confusing! Most wikis I've seen use parentheses (ISD (Astromech) | ISD (Security)) to clearly disambiguate articles, I certainly couldn't tell from the autocomplete feature that I thought was bugging out.--PlNG (talk) 20:28, February 18, 2019 (UTC)

A cookiee[edit source]

Wookieecookie.pngHere's a small token of appreciation for your work on ensuring our site's usage of the wikilinking system is professional. Keep up the good work! Imperators II(Talk) 19:12, December 3, 2019 (UTC)

Special:Revision[edit source]

Hello! Just wanted to point out to you that your recent edit regarding the use of Special:Revision has led to redlinks here. Any idea why? Imperators II(Talk) 19:21, December 3, 2019 (UTC)

I misremembered. :forehead slap: It's Special:PermanentLink/7197677 --PlNG (talk) 19:55, December 3, 2019 (UTC)

Bot[edit source]

I can complete your request on WP:BR, but I'm wondering how you compiled such a list without simply removing the template on each article yourself? Tommy Imperial Emblem.svg Macaroni 18:22, January 28, 2020 (UTC)

I did an API query for the list of pages in the template supplied category, then I processed the pages from API query result by using a JavaScript fetch of the rendered pages without the FANDOM wiki wrapper (?action=render). This returns straight HTML text that can be passed to the browser's DOMParser to construct the DOM virtually. Then I did querySelectorAll("a.new").length thus counting the number of nodes with the redlink class. I can provide the JavaScript if you wish to review it.--PlNG (talk) 21:39, January 28, 2020 (UTC)

  • Oh awesome. No that's fine thanks, you seem to know what you're doing, I was just curious how you got those results. All done now. Tommy Imperial Emblem.svg Macaroni 15:31, January 29, 2020 (UTC)
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