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== Bardan Jusik Project ==

This article on my talk page is a work in progress. Please do not edit this unless you are Mando Warrior. Also, some text is borrowed from the original page. Since this is going to be edited in anyways, please don't assume that I am stealing someone's work. Thank you for your courtesy.

Further work in the Clone WarsEdit

Bardan would continue to serve in the GAR, leading troops on several fronts until he was assigned to track Ko Sai with Delta. Jusik also knew that Skirata was looking for the scientist, to use her expertise to stop the accelerated aging the clones had. To avoid a confrontation between Skirata and Delta, Bardan met Skirata and revealed to him that the Chancellor was also after Sai, and that the squad sent after her was Delta. Doing so, he disobeyed Zey's direct order not to tell Kal. Bardan had to throw Delta off the trail to let Skirata capture her before the squad did. When Delta found a Twi'lek pilot transporting supplies to a possible location to where Ko Sai's laboratory was, they began to interrogate him. The pilot started to describe a few Mandalorians that had also found him and wanted to know the same data that Jusik and Delta knew, but when he started to describe the armor colors, Jusik interfered and used a mind trick to have the pilot say they had green armor, for Delta knew Skirata's and Vau's armor colors. The pilot then told them where he had taken the equipment and gave Jusik his datapad. Jusik then erased the information and wiped the Twi'lek's memory up to the time he had been restrained by Delta.

Life as a MandolorianEdit

After Jusik resigned from the Jedi Order he became a Mandalorian. Moved to my Project page.

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