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The Utai were a species of short, stubby humanoids with distended eyes that hailed from Utapau. They shared their homeworld with the Pau'ans as well as with immigrated species, including groups of Amani and Sugi.[1] Being the smallest of the two native species, they were nicknamed "Shorts."[5]

The Utai made up the labor class on Utapau, as they were humble by their nature, while the Pau'ans made up the modest patricians,[6] planetary administrators, and politicians. Utai were skilled at creature handling, mechanical work, piloting, and vehicle and starship repairs.[5] The two races, collectively known as the Utapauns, had a symbiotic relationship and lived in cities that were constructed into Utapau's massive sinkholes. Their shared homeworld remained neutral in the Clone Wars, a galactic conflict fought between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Galactic Republic until,[6] in the year 19 BBY,[7] the Confederacy invaded the planet.[8] Feigning acceptance of Separatist rule, the Utai and Pau'ans prepared to rebel.[6]



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