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The Utai were one of two humanoid species native to the sinkhole world of Utapau, located in the Tarabba sector of the Outer Rim Territories. A stocky species with long eyestalks, the Utai willingly allowed the Pau'an species to rule over them on their homeworld, serving as menial laborers in the sinkhole cities and caverns of their homeworld. Unlike their neighbors, the Utai had comparatively short life-spans, earning them the nickname "Shorts."

Biology and appearance[]

Utai workers in Pau City.

Generally short and chubby, the Utai were pale-skinned and hairless, possessing large, oblong heads which sloped backwards. Two glassy black eyes protruded on thick stalks from the Utai's face, which was otherwise unremarkable, aside from a small, puckered mouth. Utai had stubby, four-fingered hands and two-toed feet, possessing dexterity only with their hands. A short-lived race in comparison to their neighboring species, the Pau'an, the Utai preferred to work with their hands and eventually evolved sharp night vision. Omnivores by nature, the Utai preferred cooked meat to raw food, and sought food in the caverns that crisscrossed the sinkholes.[3]


An ancient race of diminutive humanoids evolving on the Outer Rim planet Utapau, the Utai made their homes in tunnels and caves amid the sinkholes that pockmarked their homeworld, colonizing them long before the surface dwelling Pau'ans were forced to take refuge in the sinkholes after hyperwinds made life on the surface unbearable. Working together, the Utai allowed the Pau'ans to take the lead in all societal matters, although the Utai made up more then seventy percent of the population on Utapau. Introducing the Utai to wind power, the Pau'ans took over governmental work in the sinkholes and relegated the Utai to a labor class.[3]

Despite their role as laborers in Utapaun society, the Utai were not mistreated and preferred their worker status. Many Utai worked as varactyl wranglers and dactillion tamers, as they possessed an innate ability to commune with animals. While Utai did not have a seat on the Utapaun Committee, they were represented by their city's local Master of Port Administration, a Pau'an, and their needs were generally met.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Despite their appearance, the Utai were mistakenly identified as Near-Human in the Revenge of the Sith novelization.



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