"Unless victory proves your superiority, it is an illusion. It is temporary."
―Uthar Wynn[src]

Uthar Wynn was a Sith Master and the leader of the Sith Academy on Korriban during the Jedi Civil War. His Sith apprentice was Yuthura Ban.


Uthar was a bald humanoid, possibly Human, whose head was adorned with tattoos, presumably of Sith design. His eyes were sickly yellow; a testament to his power with the dark side. He had an eerily calm demeanor for a Sith. It seemed as though nothing could shake him, though he could simply be hiding his true emotions.

At first, Uthar Wynn studied at the Sith Academy under Academy headmaster, Jorak Uln. Uthar eventually drove his master out into the Valley of the Dark Lords where Jorak would remain, studying inside one of the tombs. Uthar quickly took over the Academy himself and took an apprentice, a Twi'lek by the name of Yuthura Ban.

Near the end of the of Jedi Civil War, Uthar began to notice Yuthura's ambitions to take his place as head of the Academy and had plans to have her removed. Soon, the mind-wiped Revan came to Korriban, in his search for the Star Maps. Revan managed to gain entry into the Academy and was brought before Master Uthar. Uthar immediately recognized the "dark kernel" inside Revan's heart from Revan's amnesiac days as the Dark Lord of the Sith. Revan had gained more prestige over his opponents and managed to impress Uthar enough. He and Yuthura, Revan's "trainer" in the Academy, took Revan to the tomb of Naga Sadow where he passed his final test of discovering the Star Map and bringing back a lightsaber.

Uthar was prepared to finally deal with his renegade apprentice by pitting Yuthura against Revan. Unfortunately for Uthar, Revan had befriended Yuthura and helped her kill him. Yuthura had larger ambitions though and turned on Revan soon after Uthar's death. Revan managed to defeat Yuthura. However, her life was spared and Revan returned her to the light. She left for the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

Due to Uthar's death and Yuthura's redemption, the Sith Academy was thrown into civil war.

Behind the scenes

  • Uthar Wynn was voiced by Tom Kane.
  • If the player rummages through Uthar's possessions in his room, they can find a Jedi Master Robe. This has led some to speculate that he may in fact once have been a Jedi.
  • There are many choices for the player to make in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic regarding Uthar's fate. The most extreme light side is outline above, with the other options detailed below.


Revan informed Uthar about Yuthura's plans to betray him. Uthar told Revan to hand over a datapad to a person who would poison the water in Yuthura's bath, giving way for ease to kill Yuthura in the final trial. Revan did so, and told Yuthura about Uthar's plans to fight her in the final trial. Yuthura tells Revan to poison Uthar's bed and provides him with the poison and access to his room. Revan does so.

Revan passed the prestige trials to enter the tomb with Yuthura's help. Upon finishing, Uthar informed Revan that he had to fight Yuthura to pass the final trial and show no mercy.

Light side choices

  • Revan sided with Yuthura after befriending her during his short time in the academy, and together they kill Uthar. After Uthar's death, Yuthura said that she would not share power with anyone, even her new friend, and tried to strike down Revan, who proved too strong for her to defeat. Revan persuaded Yuthura that embracing her anger and hate was not what she needed, and made her realize that what she needed after a life of slavery was simply inner peace—just what the Jedi tried to give her in the first place. If Korriban isn't the fourth planet visited, she could be found outside the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.
  • Revan disagreed and sided with Yuthura to kill Uthar. Once done, Yuthura fought Revan, desperate for power. However, Revan was too powerful and managed to injure her. She pleaded for mercy and Revan spared her life. Revan allowed her to leave unharmed, and she took up mastery of the Academy.
  • Revan didn't ally with anyone. After passing the test, he said he would not co-operate with anyone, only "with himself," being no Sith. The two masters attacked him, and were both defeated.

Dark side choices

  • Revan agrees with Uthar and attacks Yuthura. Revan then allows Uthar to live and lead the Academy.
  • Revan disagreed with Uthar and attacked and killed him with Yuthura's help. Yuthura then attacked Revan due to her lust for power. Once at Revan's mercy, Yuthura pleaded for mercy. Revan apologized to her, before slaying her as well.
  • Revan chose to help neither Uthar nor Yuthura, and claimed he was the only "true Sith" of the three. He killed them both (they may or may not have been poisoned.)

Other options

  • Revan can kill Yuthura for Uthar, and then tell the truth about why he sought the Star Map, and he wasn't intending to become a Sith. Uthar instantly becomes enraged and attacks Revan, saying he'll "tear the flesh from his bones."
  • If Korriban is played last, and with dark side personality, after the battle, Revan may tell Uthar that he is the Dark Lord of the Sith—at which point Uthar recognizes his true master, and secretly devotes his allegiance and the Academy to Revan.
  • There are several other paths that can be chosen besides the ones above.
  • If both Yuthura and Uthar are killed (or if Uthar is killed and Yuthura redeemed), the remaining persons of the Academy turn on Revan.


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