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This article is about utility droids sometimes referred to as salvage droids. You may be looking for the P-100 salvage droid.

An astromech droid and a T3-series utility droid

Utility droids, also known in certain variants as cleaning droids, were the predecessors of astromech droids used around the time of the Jedi Civil War.


These small droids were widespread during their prime.

The term "utility droid" was used for many different models that varied widely in form and function. Some of them, particularly the Duwani Mechanicals models, were at times referred as "astromech droids." Some models were used for advanced applied physics functions such as starship repair, astrogation, and even computer slicing and programming. Others performed more menial tasks such as janitorial duties and waste disposal.

Almost all were under one meter tall. They were equipped either with wheeled legs or small repulsorlift generators for movement.



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