"Trawler prepared to sail."
―An Imperial Trawler captain[src]

Utility trawlers were unarmed aquatic repulsorcraft designed and utilized for fishing and aquaculture harvesting, and generally had one pilot. They were equipped with powerful loading arms for deploying and retrieving fishing nets and were capable of hauling immense loads of fish, algae, kelp, or krill in their open hulls. Though simple and utilitarian in appearance, they varied widely from culture to culture, from the boxy design favored by the Rebel Alliance to the smooth yellow curves of the Naboo. The Wookiees, Gungans, Trade Federation, Galactic Empire,[1] Galactic Republic, and the Confederacy of Independent Systems all had their own versions of the utility crawler.[3] The 222 fishing trawler was an example of a common utility trawler, and many were acquired for use at the city of Bartyn's Landing.[2]


A Trade Federation trawler

Behind the scenesEdit

222 fishing trawlers were first mentioned in Reckonings, in article in the 2001 magazine Star Wars Gamer 7. Utility trawlers in general first appeared in In the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and later in its 2002 expansion pack. They may be built at shipyards for 75 units of food and 10 units of nova crystals.



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