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Utris M'Toc was an Imzig male and former member of the High King's Guard on the planet Couronne, but a bloody coup forced him to leave his homeworld. He later became a leader of the Wing Guard security force on Bespin's Cloud City, working to protect the local citizenry from corruption in his own ranks. Honest and efficient, M'Toc never took a bribe in the course of his duties.


Utris M'Toc hailed from the Imzig homeworld of Couronne, where he once served as a member of the High King's Guard. However, he was forced to leave[1] his species' planet[4] following a bloody coup.[1]

Eventually, M'Toc joined the elite Wing Guard in charge of security on[5] the planet Bespin's Cloud City.[6] Under the leadership of city Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian,[1] who ushered in a new era of public accountability in the formerly corrupt Wing Guard,[6] M'Toc worked to protect Cloud City's citizens from the less reputable members of the local constabulary.[2] M'Toc became an enemy of Bislav Merril, a tyrannical Wing Guard commander who treated his fellow Cloud City troopers with disdain.[7]

In 3 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War, M'Toc was present in Cloud City as Imperial forces led by[8] the Dark Lord of the Sith[9] Darth Vader arrived in pursuit of Rebel Alliance agents.[8] The subsequent Imperial takeover of Cloud City forced Calrissian to flee Bespin,[10] while the responsibility fell to the Wing Guards to do whatever they could to save their city from the Empire.[11]

Personality and traits[]

Utris M'Toc's Bespin Wing Guard uniform featured unique gold piping.

As a leader of the Bespin Wing Guard,[2] Utris M'Toc took on the crucial duties of Cloud City security with honesty and efficiency.[5] He attempted to shield the people of Cloud City against the corruption found within the Wing Guard.[2] Unlike other Cloud City troopers,[12] M'Toc never accepted a bribe.[2] A male member of the[3] humanoid[13] Imzig species, M'Toc had light skin with touches of blue on his face, and light-brown hair.[1]


Utris M'Toc wore the dark-blue uniform of the Bespin Wing Guard. His tunic was uniquely adorned with gold piping along the collar, arms, and bottom trim, and he donned a unique gold neck treatment. He also wore a gold ring on his left third finger.[3] M'Toc armed himself with a Relby-k23 blaster pistol and a baton, which he kept holstered on his left and right hips, respectively.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Utris M'Toc originated in the November 1997 Cloud City Limited expansion set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game from Decipher, Inc. The set's "Trooper Utris M'Toc" card features a still photo of an exotic-looking alien security guard against a Cloud City backdrop, ostensibly from[2] the 1980 original trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.[10]

According to Star Wars author Stephen J. Sansweet, this alien guard was considered for use in The Empire Strikes Back but was apparently never filmed[3] and can only be seen in still production photos taken on set.[14] In writing the 1999 reference book Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive, Sansweet further noted the unique gold trim seen on the character's uniform, different from other Bespin Wing Guards. He speculated that this presumably indicated officer rank.[3]

All sources to mention Utris M'Toc by name format his surname as "M'Toc,"[2][5][7][14][15] with the exception of the 2014 Star Wars Insider 148 article "Rogues Gallery: The Cloud City Wing Guard," which alternatively styles the name as "M'toc."[1]


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