"He was Hirken's bodyguard, and one tough customer."
―Han Solo[src]

Uul-Rha-Shan was the Tiss'shar bodyguard of Viceprex Mirkovig Hirken. He was bright green, with red and white diamond patterns woven into his scales typical of the sil-ar race.



Uul-Rha-Shan battles Han Solo in space over Mytus VII

Early in his life, Uul-Rha-Shan ran black market weapons for a large Tiss'sharl smuggling ring. He soon learned to kill and discovered he enjoyed it, and departed his homeworld certain of his ability to make a good living as a hired gun. His favored weapon was a custom-built disruptor pistol.[1]

He soon achieved fame as a gunfighter and assassin, killing such famous gunfighters as Terrlarn, Neena Garnet, and Meelto of Rodia. His notoriety earned the attention of a minor Corporate Sector Authority official, who hired Uul as a bodyguard. In this position, Uul managed to save the life of the Assistant Advisory Undersecretary of Media. He quickly became a minor celebrity as his exotic, reptilian looks were broadcast across the Corporate Sector, and employment opportunities flooded in.[1]

One offer came from Mirkovig Hirken, who offered Uul a lucrative position working exclusively as his bodyguard. Uul gladly accepted the position, believing that guarding Humans was almost a vacation. Unfortunately, his vacation was ended when Han Solo shot him while the central tower of the Stars' End prison facility was plummeting back to the ground after a massive explosion.[1]



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