Uulshos justice droids were assassin droids manufactured by Uulshos Manufacturing.


Justice droids were used years before the Clone Wars, and were so successful that they were reproduced by the Galactic Empire during the New Order. They were both strong and durable, and thus reliable to use.

Notable modelsEdit


One of these droids was the Imperial assassin droid 2-124, that was captured by the Rebel Alliance. The droid escaped and killed a number of Rebel and New Republic officials over the years. It was placed in General Airen Cracken's confidential New Republic Intelligence brief listing the top fifty most dangerous beings to the New Republic.


An Iron Knight using the body of an Ulshos justice droid.

Iron knightsEdit

Some Uulshos justice droids joined with Force-sensitive Shard to form Iron Knights. The combination of a Jedi's use of the Force and an assassin droids skills made them deadly combatants.

Behind the scenesEdit

The justice droid's design is identical to the Eliminator 434 model of assassin droid as both are based on early concept art for IG-88.


Notes and referencesEdit

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