"When it all went south, and Master Uvell asked me to help…"
―Antron Bach, to Miru Nadrinakar[src]

Uvell was a male member of the Jedi Order who participated in the Clone Wars, in the waning years of the Galactic Republic. During that conflict, he bore the title of Jedi Master and was noted for his bravery in combat. At the end of the war, most Jedi were betrayed and massacred by the Republic's leader, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who was actually a malevolent Sith Master in disguise. Although Uvell managed to survive that first wave of killings, he feared that the knowledge and artifacts of his Order would be destroyed along with the Jedi themselves. In desperation, Uvell turned to Antron Bach, a human antiques dealer who had often bartered with members of the Jedi Order before. Uvell entrusted Bach with a starship loaded with all the artifacts he had managed to collect including Lightsabers, Scrolls, and many other significant relics, which included the last charred fragment of the Chronicles of Med'eeth, and told him to go into hiding in an abandoned Geonosian colony on a nameless moon.[1]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Alexander Freed confirmed Master Uvell's survival of Order 66, but admitted that he didn't know how long he may have lasted.[2]

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