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Uvena Prime was a planet that was the homeworld of the Shistavanen species. Located in the Outer Rim Territories' Uvena system, it was a world of forested continents and vast oceans. Shistavanens most often remained on their homeworld, distrusting outsiders, though some natives left for the wider galaxy.


Located in the Uvena system of the Outer Rim Territories, Uvena Prime was a terrestrial planet. Its terrain consisted of forested continents separated by vast oceans, with natural cave systems and rock formations present. Uvena orbited at least one star, the strong sunlight of which provided the planet with a warm climate.[1]


The Galactic Empire controlled Uvena Prime during its reign, which outraged many of the planet's Shistavanen inhabitants. The Empire took little interest in Uvena Prime outside of basic maintenance of their rule.[1]


Uvena Prime was the homeworld of the Shistavanens, a sentient species of fur-covered bipeds. Shistavanens were naturally isolationist and distrusted outsiders, resulting in cautious relationships with other political bodies. Most Shistavanens remained on their homeworld, though some traveled away from Uvena Prime to seek fortune in the galaxy. Members of the species had a family-centric life, and several generations of extended family were often clustered around a central residence. Shistavanens were keen hunters and fighters, possessing numerous wilderness skills even if they dwelled in cities.[1]

The Uvena system's ruling powers used Shistavanen isolationist behavior, combined with the species' reputation due to their appearance and frequent aggressiveness, to deter outsiders from involvement in Shistavanen society. While outsiders were generally not welcome on Uvena, powerful individuals such as traders and corporations were tolerated to improve the economy and for the importation of goods and technology, but local trade rules favored Shistavanen traders as much as possible. Under the Empire's control, isolated settlements were often sought out and patrolled by Imperial scouts to ensure no insurrection occurred.[1]

Shistavanens commonly used their native language, which consisted of various barks and growls. The use of Galactic Basic Standard was frowned upon, but tolerated in order to communicate with outsiders.[1]


Shistavanens lived in traditional settlements either carved into rock formations and caves or in dwellings constructed from clay bricks. Their cities and settlements were located both on the coasts and in the depths of Uvena Prime's forests.[1]


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