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"Who are you?"
"Nobody, Ma'am. A nobody who's been doing a terrible thing."
―Princess Leia Organa and Pareece[1]

Uwa Pareece was a human female from the planet Alderaan who oversaw the Melodic Order, a group of Alderaanian musicians who had taken a vow to only have interaction with Alderaanians in order to preserve the cultural integrity of their music. The group performed in Club Deeja on the planet Naboo. After the Melodic Order learned of the destruction of Alderaan at the hands of the Galactic Empire, which Pareece had initially kept secret from Melodic Order so as to not affect their work, Pareece and the musicians joined Princess Leia Organa on her mission to rescue all surviving Alderaanians in the galaxy.


Reunifying Alderaan[]

Leaving Naboo with the princess[]

"Your highness. I don't deserve to live."
"Of course you do. You just saved me. Who are you?"
"Nobody, Ma'am. A nobody who's been doing a terrible thing."
―Princess Leia Organa and Pareece[1]

Uwa Pareece was an Alderaanian who lived during the Galactic Civil War. She emigrated to the planet Naboo, where she oversaw a group of musicians known as Melodic Order. Pareece and the musicians worked in Club Deeja, a club in the city of Keren, where Melodic Order had no contact with non-Alderaanians. The group's cloister vow was to preserve the cultural integrity of their music, so they performed via hologram but maintained in-person contact with Pareece. After the Galactic Empire destroyed Alderaan, Pareece kept the event hidden from Melodic Order so they would continue to perform. Mul Sanaka, the owner of Club Deeja, agreed with her approach in order to protect the profits and enjoyment generated by the club's customers.[1]

Pareece witnesses the arrival of Organa's shuttle arrive in the Marina District of Keren.

After the Battle of Yavin, Princess Leia Organa—the last surviving member of the ruling family of Alderaan—set out on a mission to rescue all of the Alderaanians who still lived after Alderaan's destruction, as the Empire was hunting down all of the survivors. Organa traveled to Naboo to find Melodic Order. She arrived at the club, where she identified herself as First Minister Solo of the Empire. She was confronted by Sanaka, however, who knew her true identity and purpose on Naboo. Sanaka and his guards tried to attack Organa, but Organa and her companions, Evaan Verlaine and the astromech droid R2-D2, fought them off. Sanaka nearly killed Organa, but Pareece intervened and knocked Sanaka unconscious using the stun setting on her Satine's Lament blaster pistol.[1]

Pareece told Organa how she had concealed the truth from Melodic Order, before gathering the musicians together to tell them what happened. The princess urged the group not to cast blame on Pareece, but to instead join her in order to save their fellow Alderaanians. Pareece and the Melodic Order agreed to join, and they set out for the planet volcanic planet Sullust in the Outer Rim to find more survivors.[1]

Trouble on Sullust and Espirion and Skaradosh[]

"Leia to the ship Lord Junn. Leave orbit now and jump to lightspeed."
"Your highness? We're not about to abandon you."
―Organa orders Parecce to flee in the Lord Junn due to an incoming Imperial craft[2]

The Alderaanians soon arrived in the Sullust system, where Organa, Verlaine and R2-D2 took the T-1 shuttle to Sullust's surface to reunify the population of the Alderaan Enclave with Organa's group. Pareece, now the captain of the Lord Junn, stayed in orbit over the planet until Organa contacted her from the enclave and ordered her to flee into hyperspace because their position had been betrayed to the Empire and they had dispatched an Imperial Sentinel-class landing craft to invade the compound. Pareece and the yacht's pilot hid with the ship.[2] They soon returned to Sullust, however, to assist in the evacuation of the enclave along with the Sullustan smuggler Nien Nunb and his ship, the Mellcrawler.[3]

Days later,[4] the last of the Alderaanians had been successfully evacuated. So the Lord Junn was moved to orbit over the planet Espirion. At that time, Astane charged Tace with treason because it had been her that had betrayed their position to the Empire—Tace had relayed her experiences with Organa to her sister, Tula, who was stationed aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, and had in turn, reported her findings to her commander, Dreed, who had launched the assault. Organa took control of the situation and set Tace free, so Pareece went to prepare for the reunification talks on Espirion. Alderaanians had emigrated to Espirion generations before Pareece's birth and had interbred with the native red-skinned[3] Espirions;[5] thereby creating a new hybrid species: The Alder-Espirions. The Alder-Espirion's leader, Chief Beon Beonel had agreed to meet with Organa about reunifying his people with Organa's, and using the extensive Espirion military to fend off the Empire if it attacked. However, Organa had become intertwined in Tace's predicament, so she assigned Pareece to represnt her, and Astane as Pareece's co-emissary.[3]

Pareece and Astane then traveled to an Espirion city and met with Beonel's assistant, Consul Rill. Rill expressed his remorse over Alderaan's loss, and then introduced them to Beonel. Beonel, however, quickly realized he was not welcome by all—Astane was appalled that Beonel was only half Alderaanian and openly showed her disgust. Pareece was equally appalled at Astane's racist views and tried to salvage the situation by assuring the chief that not all of Organa's people though the way Astane did. Pareece ordered Astane to apologize, but she refused, prompting Beonel to chide that the had nothing left discuss, and stormed away. Pareece, Astane and Rill headed to Rill's office, where Pareece pleaded with him that the misunderstanding needn't destroy the reunification talks. Rill said the chief had made his decision, and it wouldn't change. Pareece had become desperate and begged Rill to tell Beonel that Organa would come personally to talk, which would prove that Organa did care, and that she was not bigoted like Astane.[3]

Defeated, however, the pair soon left to return to the Lord Junn, but came across Beonel, who was piloting an airspeeder, again. Pareece tried to talk with him, but he rejected her, so, at Astane's driving force, they left the planet. At returning to their flagship, they were met by an entire fleet of Alderaanian ships, which had come to aid Organa in her mission to reunify the people of Alderaan. A short time later, the fleet moved to the desert planet Skaradosh, where Organa and Verlaine had just rescued Tula from execution from the Empire and killed Dreed—with the help of Nien Nunb. Tace shaved her head in order for her not to be confused with her sister, Tula, who had committed treason.[6]

Dreed's Star Destroyer, however, commanded then by[6] Venk,[7] was on a warpath to destroy the Alderaanian fleet, so Organa, Pareece, and Astane met to discuss their next course of action. Pareece broke the news to the princess that the negotiations with Beonel had failed, meaning they had no weapon that could harm the Imperial-class Star Destroyer without the Espirion fleet. Astane admitted it was her fault, which made Organa angry, and told all to leave her. Soon thereafter, Organa broadcast a speech to the fleet, asking them to fight even though they had no chance at victory. The Imperial warship then arrived and engaged the fleet. However, Beonel heard Organa's speech and was touched by her sincerity, so he dispatched the Espirion Multi, an Espirion battleship, that quickly destroyed the Star Destroyer. A celebration was held aboard the Lord Junn after, where the Melodic Order performed in person, and Pareece thanked the Espirion Multi's female captain, before asking Beonel if he was worried that the Empire would retaliate against Espirion. He replied that they had nothing big enough to challenge the Espirion military.[6]

After the celebration ended, Organa returned to the Rebel Alliance to continue the war against the Emperor tyranny, and endorsed Verlaine as a steward to the throne until she returned. Later, Pareece, Astane, Beonel and Verlaine led the Alderaanian fleet from the Lord Junn in search of a planet to colonize; a "new Alderaan."[6]

Personality and traits[]

Uwa Pareece was a human female with black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. She was committed to upholding the cloister vow taken by the Melodic Order, ensuring that they did not come into contact with non-Alderaanians, and she expressed remorse for concealing Alderaan's destruction from her people.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Uwa Pareece was introduced in the 2015 comic book Princess Leia 2. The comic was written by Mark Waid, with art by Terry Dodson.[1]



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