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"They're conducting interviews like this all over Lothal. I heard they expelled two dozen cadets from a regional academy on the far side."

Uzall was a cadet in Lothal's Academy for Young Imperials. Uzall was assigned to Unit Besh, a unit in the squad LRC077. During the beginning term at the academy, Uzall participated in a training exercise in the Well, a purpose-built training facility. Uzall teamed up with Nazhros Oleg to advance, but was ultimately betrayed by Oleg. Uzall was later part of another such exercise, but did not rank, instead being bested by Jai Kell, "Dev Morgan" and Zare Leonis.[2] Much later in the term, Uzall was among a group of cadets alarmed to learn that the Galactic Empire was supposedly conducting random interrogations of its cadets, having heard a rumor that they had already expelled over two dozen cadets from a regional academy on the far side of Lothal. Leonis considered this to be "friend-of-your-brother" nonsense and warned his fellow cadets not to believe such rumors unless they had firsthand information. As the Empire's crackdown continued, Uzall was part of group searches conducted by the cadets through Lothal. Uzall and Giles had earned the most points, thanks largely to their detection of a fugitive weapons smuggler.[3] Uzall and all of his fellow cadets within Unit Besh were considered potential officer material.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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