The V'sett-class fighter was a heavy starfighter used by the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium in the late New Jedi Order era.


Unlike the Swarm-class battle droid, the V'sett-class fighter was piloted by a living Ssi-Ruu who resided beneath an opaque hull that resembled a flattened and curved standard Battle Droid.

The V'sett-class fighters were equipped with shield generators and sensor arrays at every corner, two technologies provided by Emperor Palpatine as enticement for the Ssi-Ruuk to provide him with their entechment technology thirty years earlier. Their engines flashed bright violet when powering at maximum and their laser blasts burned a brilliant white.

In addition to lasers, the V'sett also possessed a small tractor beam emitter.


Due to the Ssi-ruuk's religious fear of dying on an unconsecrated world, the V'sett-class fighters were largely concentrated in the safe confines of the Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster and thus were not deployed outside of Ssi-ruuvi space. Chiss Ascendancy and Empire of the Hand starfighter pilots fought these starfighters during their incursions into Ssi-ruuvi space following the events of the failed Ssi-ruuvi invasion of Bakura in 4 ABY. However, they were first observed by Galactic Alliance forces only in the second Ssi-Ruuvi invasion of Bakura in 28 ABY.



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