V'shar was a Wild Space planet that was the homeworld of the sentient Ka'hren species. A tradition-bound, religious, and isolationist people, the Ka'hren had a system of government in which their many organized faiths had a direct influence. Centuries before 2 ABY, V'shar was home to the Unfyr warrior culture, which was known for its use of the rantok sword.

Long after the eventual extinction of the Unfyr, the Ka'hren academic Kaltor Naklian researched and taught the ancient history of V'shar at a local university. A discovery of ancient writings in a local cavern drove Naklian to found the new religion of Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry, which eventually became a prominent player in V'shar politics. The cavern findings also allowed the Ka'hren scholar to become a highly-respected rantok wielder, and he left V'shar to become a hunter of furred beings as well as a member of the Zulirian Swordmasters group.


V'shar was a[2] Wild Space[1] planet[2] located within the star system of the same name.[1] There were several continents and at least one cavern on the planet.[2]


Centuries before[2] 2 ABY,[3] the southernmost continents of V'shar were home to the Unfyr, a renowned warrior culture of the Ka'hren species. The Unfyr worshiped the deity Ni'Shaw and made extensive use of the rantok sword, refusing to accept new weaponry, such as blasters, when it was introduced on V'shar and eventually going extinct as a result.[2]

Kaltor Naklian, a scholar of Ka'hren history and the founder and leader of Ni'Shaw-Dak, a prominent religion on V'shar

Hundreds of years after the fall of the Unfyr, the Ka'hren Kaltor Naklian was a teacher of ancient Ka'hren history at the University of Timb on V'shar, where he developed a deep interest in the traditions of the long-gone Unfyr culture. When, together with some companions, the Ka'hren academic explored a local cavern that had been uncovered by an archaeological expedition, Naklian found ancient writings detailing the worship of the nearly forgotten Ni'Shaw as well as the use of the ancient rantok weapons.[2]

The two careers of Kaltor Naklian[]

The discovery in the cavern had a twofold effect on Naklian's further life. The Ka'hren researcher interpreted prophecies written in the ancient texts to mean that he was destined to become the Third Prophet, a restorer of the worship of Ni'Shaw. This prompted Naklian to immediately form the new religion of Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry, which became the fastest-growing faith on V'shar. Ni'Shaw-Dak had over a thousand priests across the planet, with Naklian serving as the religion's leader. Due to its large membership, Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry became a prominent force in V'shar politics.[2]

The other way in which the writings found in the V'shar cavern changed Naklian's life was that the information on the rantok weapon contained within allowed him to become proficient in the use of the ancient blade, over time becoming regarded by his own people as the best rantok wielder in history. Eventually, the Ka'hren scholar resigned from the position he had held for years at the University of Timb and left V'shar to become a respected "scalp hunter," hunting members of furred species regardless of their sentience.[2] By 2 ABY,[3] Naklian was also a member of the Zulirian Swordmasters, a group of bladed weapons aficionados.[2]


V'shar was the homeworld of the Ka'hren, a sentient species of tall, strong bipeds with blue or violet skin. The Ka'hren were a traditionalist and religious people, governing at least 2.5 million inhabitants on V'shar through a mixed system of theocracy and representative democracy, in which elected officials represented the various local religions. Even though V'shar's natives were capable of space travel, they were isolationist by nature and rarely left their homeworld, with any Ka'hren wishing to travel offworld requiring permission from each leader of the seven nations of V'shar.[2]


The planet V'shar was the site of the University of Timb, where Kaltor Naklian taught ancient Ka'hren history for years. Eventually, however, Naklian visited a cavern on the planet, where he discovered ancient writings on the use of the ancient rantok sword and, after becoming proficient with the weapon, abandoned his university position. The writings found in the cavern also spurred the Ka'hren academic to establish the religion of Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry, which had headquarters on V'shar.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

V'shar was first mentioned in Alliance Intelligence Reports, a 1995 sourcebook for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[2] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the V'shar system, and therefore the planet V'shar, in grid square U-15.[4]


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