The v-188 Penetrator was a heavy anti-vehicle weapon produced by Speizoc Arms.


Commonly deployed as fixed fortifications due to its size and power consumption, the v-188 drew energy from a power generator for virtually unlimited fire that could dominate a battlefield. The v-188 Penetrator could also be deployed as a mobile weapon, commonly mounted on Aratech Repulsor Company's 440 Super-Heavy Armored Chassis. When mounted, the v-188 drew power from either an internal energy cell which gave the weapon six shots, or from a power trailer towed behind the weapon for a total of fifty shots before a recharge was required.[1]

The v-188 Penetrator suffered from a low Df ratio, which allowed shots from a Penetrator is disintegrate quickly. Shots at long range often lost half of their effective destructive power before hitting the target. However, even at reduced power, few vehicles could stand up to the destructive capability of the v-188.[1]


Designed by Speizoc Arms and first sold during the Clone Wars, the v-188 Penetrator was one of the largest and heaviest energy cannons deployed on the battlefield. They were deployed by Imperial assault units, but the development of longer-range turbolaser emplacements threatened to overshadow and obsolete the Penetrator.[1]

The Alliance to Restore the Republic obtained several v-188 Penetrators during the Galactic Civil War, either through stealing them or buying them through the invisible market. Some were kept stored for the point in the war where insurgency turned to conventional warfare, others were deployed in the field, and some were in service with Alliance Special Forces. Most units deployed to the field were mounted on 440 Super-Heavy Armored Chassis which had been modified by the Alliance with repulsor motivators for increased mobility, upgrades to the targeting computer, high-efficiency rechargers, and a fusion generator to power the gun itself. These modified, mounted v-188 Penetrators could move at speeds of one hundred kilometers an hour.[3] Rumors also persisted of Alliance owned v-188s being mounted as weapons atop repulsorlift vehicles.[1]


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