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The V-series droid supervisor was a model of supervisor droid manfuactured by MerenData. A relaunch of the EV-series supervisor droid marketed towards the Imperial Military, its perfomance was unimpressive and the model was a financial failure.


A model of supervisor droid, the V-series had similar attributes to its precursor, the EV-series supervisor droid, but also featured a more tolerable personality.[6] It lacked the MDF motivator that was installed in many first-generation EVs, which had increased efficiency at the cost of higher rates of attrition among the droids they oversaw.[7] Despite being equipped with an augmented monitor system,[5] the V-series' performance was unimpressive by comparison.[7]


Manufactured by MerenData,[1] the V-series droid supervisor[5] was a relaunch of the EV-series marketed towards the Imperial Military.[1] However, its perfomance was considered unimpressive[7] and the model failed spectacularly,[1] becoming a financial failure for MerenData.[7]



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