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The VT-49 Decimator was a heavily armed Imperial transport that had gone through many revisions and modifications, making it one of the galaxy's more feared Imperial warships.



VT-49 multi-angle view

Decimators were used as either long-range reconnaissance units or picket ships stationed along the perimeter of Imperial fleets. Vessels of this class were also used to break through enemy blockades to deploy raiding parties.

The command of a VT-49 was a point of accomplishment and pride for the middle ranks of the Imperial Navy. It was usually seen as a stepping stone on the path towards command of a capital ship.

In 0 BBY,[4] the mercenary Rianna Saren stole a VT-49 from the Death Star to go to Danuta.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The designers of the VT-49 Decimator have stated that the ship was created as an "evil" Imperial version of the Millennium Falcon.[6] The sounds of the VT-49 Decimator were created by Lead Audio Designer Todd Davies using the Millennium Falcon as a reference.[7]



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