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VXO-33274 was an Industrial complex belonging to Viraxo Industries.

Aeron Azzameen and Ace Azzameen were planning to raid this complex to capture supplies for the Rebel Alliance base in the Vergesso Asteroids at the same time the Marauder-class corvette Charybdis was going to escort a convoy to the complex.

Initially they destroyed the IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Scylla, and the Supa Fighters that were defending the complex. However, while the Azzameen transports Juno and Lara group were retrieving the supplies for the Rebels, the Charybdis arrived with a complement of Razor-class starfighters and moved to destroy both groups of Azzameen ships. Ace managed to destroy the corvette and fighters, and the Azzameens escaped the system.



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