Vader's apprentice can refer to:



  • Galen Marek, codenamed Starkiller, was the son of a Jedi fugitive killed by Vader during the Great Jedi Purge. After his father's death, he was trained by Vader since childhood to become the Sith Lord's secret apprentice.
  • Dark Apprentice, the only "perfect" clone of the original Starkiller, trained to take Marek's place as Vader's new Sith apprentice. Regarded as perfect by Vader due to being the only clone that purged himself of Marek's memories and emotions and devoted himself entirely to the dark side.
  • Starkiller, another clone of the late Galen Marek and initially a prospective apprentice for Darth Vader.
  • Tao, a former Jedi Padawan, and the second secret apprentice of Darth Vader. (non-canon)
  • Kharys, a S'kytri who was discovered by Skywalker during the Clone Wars. He promised to train her after the wars were over and he kept his promise even after his fall to the dark side.
  • Lumiya, an Emperor's Hand that eventually became a student of Darth Vader as his potential Shadow Hand.
  • Flint, the son of a Clone Wars Jedi, Flint Torul, and eventual stormtrooper. He was eventually selected by Darth Vader to receive exclusive training as a foil to Lumiya and potential Shadow Hand.
  • Rillao, a Force-sensitive Firrerreo who was delivered to Vader by Antinnis Tremayne for training. However, she resisted the lure of the dark side and fled from the Dark Lord's service.
  • Hethrir, a Force-sensitive Firrerreo and mate of Rillao who was more susceptible to the call of the dark side, eventually becoming the Procurator of Justice.
  • Antinnis Tremayne, a Human male High Inquisitor who trained under Vader's auspices shortly after the conclusion of the Clone Wars.
  • Vost Tyne, a retired Imperial Navy admiral who had befriended Vader and trained under him.

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