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Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – Episode III is the third and final installment of Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series. It was released on November 21, 2019.[1]

Lightsaber Dojo[]


You are standing in the middle of a futuristic dojo, on the floor, in a building that is obviously high up because of the dramatic view of the planet Mustafar. There is a second floor above you that consists of platforms attached to the walls. In front of you, there are covered up holes in the ground, and two trapdoors. In addition, there are doors on both floors, with easy access to boxes and walls that enemies can hide behind. In the dojo, you are not allowed to move out of the section of the floor you are on. When the level starts, there is a stand in the middle of the room that holds one or two lightsabers, based on what you have equipped. To your left, there is a box that holds two blasters, and two your right, a similar box that holds three grenades. In order to grab these items, you must point your controller at the item and use the Force to grab it. Combat only starts when you have grabbed and ignited one or two lightsabers (based on which kind you have equipped).


During combat, you have six lives. Certain enemy attacks take away more lives than others (i.e getting hit with a droid's saber [more damage] vs getting hit with blaster fire [less damage].) Certain enemies also have more health/durability than others (i.e stormtroopers can be easily killed by hitting them with one blaster bolt or throwing your saber at them once, while training droids and sentinels will require more damage and strikes to destroy.) Once holding a lightsaber, you may throw it. If it is ignited, it will slice enemies in its path. If not, it will stun and damage enemies and destroy blaster droids. Once you have thrown a lightsaber, it automatically comes back to your hand. Because of this, there is no way of dropping a lightsaber. Instead, you must deactivate your lightsaber, and place it in a floating sheath. Lightsaber blades also have the ability to deflect lasers.The blasters and grenades can be dropped and do not return to your hand. By pressing the trigger on your controller, you may fire a blaster. When holding a grenade, if you press the trigger on your controller, the grenade activates, and you have 3 seconds before the grenade explodes. In order to stop the grenade from killing you, you must throw the grenade at an enemy, killing it. You can also use the Force to pull enemies around, flinging them into other enemies or pulling them straight into your lightsaber blade, which will kill them instantly regardless of their health. You can bounce enemy blaster bolts back at them to wound or kill them, or use them as a one-hit shield to stop blaster fire. Once you kill 50 enemies, you will temporarily gain Force lightning, which you must hold the Force button to use. The lightning will automatically target an enemy your hand is pointing near, then stun and rapidly kill any target it is used on regardless of health.

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Notes and references[]

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