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Vadria Tallion was a female Twi'lek Jedi Padawan who served the fledgling Jedi Order during its first days on the planet Tython.


Discovered to be Force-sensitive, Vadria Tallion was taken from her parents and became one of the first students that studied the ways of the Force in the Jedi Order on Tython. With the organization's founders, Tallion stepped down and became a devout follower of Jedi Master Rajivari. Seeing that Master Rajivari believed that the Order was plagued by mediocrity, Tallion and her peers abandoned the Order around circa 25,783 BBY. Taking up residence in the fortress city of Kaleth, the followers of Rajivari encountered an army of Flesh Raiders. This ended up as a conflict between them; it would cost Tallion her life in the destruction of Kaleth. Tallion and Quane fought together to defend the fortress, but they were outmatched against them. Tallion was badly injured, and her fellow Rajivari's apprentice sacrificed himself to save her.


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