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"We are the Vagaari. We take what we want."
―The Miskara[1]

The Vagaari were a humanoid species from the Unknown Regions. They were a race of nomadic conquerors and slavers that ruled a considerable area in the Unknown Regions and were led by the Miskara. Their clothing usually included robes of progressively elaborate design and large masks intended to compensate for their height.

Biology and appearance[]

"Speech is for drones and prey. The conversation of warriors is in their actions."

They were short with stubby legs, feet with four toes, large hands, large violet eyes, flat ears rising high on the skull, and tan skin. They had two mouths, each with two sets of small teeth. They also carried strange unique creatures called wolvkils and schostri, which they used as weapons. Although relatively primitive, they had highly developed suspended animation technology, and were able to make effective use of captured interdiction fields. Vagaari starships utilized living shields of sentient beings trapped in transparisteel-like plastic bubbles and mounted on the outside of the hull, making enemies unwilling to engage for risk of killing innocent beings.


"They were a great race of nomadic conquerors and slavers who once flew freely through this region of space, taking and destroying at will, particularly among the smaller species and worlds."
―Aristocra Chaf'orm'bintrano[2]

The Vagaari were enemies of the Chiss Ascendancy, yet official Chiss policy never officially labeled them so. Vagaari began moving through Chiss space around 37 BBY. A large number of them were destroyed by the then Commander Thrawn at the destruction of the Outbound Flight. After that they retreated to their own corner of the Unknown Regions, building up forces for an eventual attack on the Chiss. The Chiss were aware of this buildup, and feared that they had "already made alliances with powers even more dangerous than they are."

The Vagaari disguised themselves as peaceful Geroons in an attempt to destroy the Redoubt, which housed the survivors of the Galactic Republic's expeditionary fleet, the Outbound Flight project. The supposed wolvkil skins they wore were actually alive, and used to attack the Chiss. After their leader Estosh was killed, the battle was lost. Following this failed attack, a state of war officially existed between the Ascendancy and the Vagaari.

The Vagaari found new allies in the Yuuzhan Vong, aiding the aliens in preparing their invasion of the galaxy. They began incorporating biots around 23 ABY. After the Yuuzhan Vong invasion had ended, the Vagaari benefited from the chaos and death the aliens had wrought and subjugated territory.



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