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"I merely noticed that in both of their attacks a laser salvo preceded their missiles in a distinct and predictable pattern. When they launched their third attack, I was able to fire back just as the tubes' protective doors opened, detonating the missiles before they could be launched. Fighters that size never have sufficient armor to withstand that sort of internal blast."
―Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo describing how he had destroyed two Vagaari fighters[src]

Vagaari fighters were starfighters used by the Vagaari in 22 ABY. They were as maneuverable as X-wings, though with more firepower. They could also fly in a complex dance-like pattern which made them difficult to hit. They were launched from a Paskla-class cruiser disguised as a Geroon refugee ship.[2]

Around 27 BBY, the Vagaari used close-in fighters during a skirmish in the Crustai system and a battle near the Crustai base. Little is known about these fighters except that they were equipped with laserfire and missiles and that Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force was able to predict their firing pattern and therefore easily destroy them.[1]

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A possible depiction of Vagaari fighters, from the cover of Outbound Flight.

The cover of Outbound Flight may depict either these fighters or the Chiss heavy fighters.

Though Vagaari fighters are featured in two different works, it is unknown if they are the same class of fighter or two different models.


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