"When people ask about her husband, she says he's dead and she's going to kill whoever killed him. She doesn't say more than that, though."
Dyon Stadd on Kolvy and his wife, Sha'natrac Tsu[src]

Vagan Kolvy was a male Dathomirian who lived on the planet Dathomir. He used to belong to the Scissorfists Clan, a clan that feuded with the Blue Coral Divers Clan, which was another clan that settled near the sea. After many years of fighting, both clans tried to settle their differences through a diplomatic meeting. Kolvy was one of the members of the Scissorfists party and during one of the meetings, Kolvy met and fell in love with Sha'natrac Tsu, a member of the opposite clan's party. When the peace talks ended badly, the two clans resumed their feud and both Kolvy and Tsu were pressured by their respective clans to kill each other. When they refused, both of them were declared traitors and driven out by their clans. The two lovers settled on a site near the Dathomir Spaceport, well out of their former clan's hunting ranges.

Kolvy was killed sometime around 38 ABY, and Tsu started hiring herself out for courier or hunting jobs. When asked about Kolvy, Tsu would say that he was dead and that she was going to kill whoever killed him. Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker later theorized that Kolvy and Tsu had a child, and that Kolvy was killed by Nightsisters when they kidnapped his child.


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