"Way folks here see it, the Jedi recruited from Vaklin for centuries. Saved the best of us from the mines and the rust yards - even if our kids never come back, we could always watch'em on the Holonet. Plus what they did for us during the Clone Wars."
Djon to Major Oniye Namada[src]

Vaklin was a planet located in the Vaklin system of the Inner Rim Territories and the homeworld of Shula Shevu. A world deeply-seated in pro-Jedi tradition, the planet was initially resistant to anti-Jedi propaganda by the Galactic Empire, but eventually succumbed to pressures from Darth Vader.


Howling Ruins

The Howling Ruins.

A temperate world of deep canyons with wall cities and fertile plains upon which cities were erected, the planet Vaklin had been depopulated at some point in its history before being repopulated by Trivak Ninegun. The Howling Ruins, an ancient cliff-side city, were the talk of local legends and were left alone by the respectful locals not wishing to disturb the history which encompassed the ancient walls.[2]


Honoring the JediEdit

The planet Vaklin suffered a worldwide depopulation during its history.[3] The planet was recolonized by the Trivak Ninegun and a development in the planet's culture led to a devotion to the Jedi Order and its members.[3] Located in unaligned space during the New Sith Wars, the world suffered from a Rust plague at some point in its history, before the intervention of Jedi Master Prokreisha. Adding to the legacy of the Jedi, the people of Vaklin would gladly turn over their Force-sensitive newborns to the Order in hopes of having them escape the poverty and economic misfortune which plagued the world.[3]

Jedi statues Vaklin

Jedi statues in Vaklin Zenith.

Known for its mines and rust yards, the cities of Vaklin were diversely populated and its streets densely packed with vendors and individuals trying to make a living. Erecting parks and statues to their Jedi heroes, Northward Park was created with cuttings from the Neti Jedi Master Uro Koo. Deep within the Howling Ruins, an ancient cliff side town, the Vaklin people established a Jedi Temple as a place to take offerings and pay respect to the Jedi which played such a large part in planetary tradition.[3]

Fall of the OrderEdit

"I seek to understand why they remain loyal to the Jedi. When we are finished understanding, we will use that knowledge to carve the heart from this rebellion. The people of Vaklin will awaken from the nightmare that was the Jedi Order and in the daylight of the new Empire, they will forget their heroes ever existed."
Darth Vader to Major Oniye Namada[src]

When the Clone Wars erupted across the galaxy, the Jedi honored their long history with Vaklin and came to the planet's aid when the Confederacy of Independent Systems attacked. Dispatching Jedi High Council member Ki-Adi-Mundi and forces from the Grand Army of the Republic, the Republic and the Order were able to drive off the Separatist Droid Army, leaving only a few blocks of the capital city damaged. The people celebrated the success of the Jedi and gave thanks to the Order for their heroism in defending the rest of the city from annihilation. This latest show of protection bolstered enthusiasm for Jedi support which rose even more when the Galactic Empire came to power at the end of the war and enacted the Great Jedi Purge.[3]

When the Empire asserted its control over the planet, Jedi Knight Cho'na Bene and two compatriots instigated the Vaklin insurgency against the invading Imperials. With the populace actively working against the Empire, Darth Vader was dispatched to turn the people against the Jedi and put down the insurrection. Vader was successful in capturing and killing the Jedi Master who aided Bene and the Master's apprentice; holding the Barabel in a detention city within the city, the insurgents attempted to liberate the Jedi but all were killed during the attack, including the Jedi.[2]

Ordering the destruction of all Jedi related statues and memorials, Vader launched a campaign of erasing the Jedi support from the people. While initially unsuccessful, Vader was able to turn the people against the Jedi, leading them to abandon support of Bene and all stood by as the Jedi was shot down and killed in a public square. Vader left the planet in economic turmoil, with dozens of public areas destroyed, the Temple of Imperfect Repose in ruins and the public support of Jedi sequestered behind fear and a new willingness to forget in order to survive.[3]


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