The Vaksai was a starfighter model commonly employed by the Black Sun crime syndicate during the Galactic Civil War. It was a TransGalMeg Industries, Incorporated-manufactured Kihraxz light fighter modified by Black Sun. A medium fighter, the Vaksai gave its pilot a good balance between firepower and maneuverability. While it was generally only used by Black Sun, one of these ships became the property of a spacer who assisted the Civilian Protection Guild in the recapture of a CR90 corvette over the planet Kashyyyk.


A Rihkxyrk Assault Fighter flying in formation with two Vaksai starfighters

A starfighter-class starship, the Vaksai model was a modified Kihraxz light fighter manufactured by TransGalMeg Industries, Incorporated that was later customized into its current state by the galactic crime syndicate known as Black Sun. A new ship of this model cost approximately 185,000 credits with used examples going as low as 115,000 credits, though its availability was restricted. Its maximum atmospheric speed was 1,250 kilometers per hour, and it possessed a cargo capacity of 95 kilograms and two days' worth of supplies.[2] The Vaksai had over three times the maximum component capacity of the Kihraxz, allowing for heavier, more powerful engines, weapons, capacitors, and other systems.[1]

Standard armament was a single medium laser cannon, a concussion missile launcher,[2] and a launcher for countermeasures against ordnance such as missiles, although its armaments could be customized further to the owner's liking.[1] The Vaksai was equipped with shielding and was manned by one individual, with no room for crew. The model was fitted with a Class 1 hyperdrive[2] and used a flight computer as opposed to an astromech droid. The ship was equipped with a single escape pod for the pilot and a life support system, allowing the pilot to be free from wearing a flight suit. Color customization of the ship's hull was also possible.[1]


A medium starfighter, the Vaksai gave its pilot a middle ground between energy output and maneuverability, and firepower and speed.[1]


A Vaksai fighter.

The Vaksai saw almost exclusive use by the Black Sun crime syndicate during the Galactic Civil War. However, a freelance spacer was given one of these fighters after assisting the Civilian Protection Guild with the recapture of a CR90 corvette over the planet Kashyyyk shortly after the Battle of Yavin. The corvette was stolen from the guild by one of their many enemies, a group known as the Ghrag Mercenaries. Eyma, a Nautolan member of the guild, hired the spacer to find the corvette in the space above Kashyyyk, destroy its Ghrag escort, and return it to orbit around the planet. The spacer was successful, and Eyma rewarded the being with the deed to a Vaksai starfighter.[1]

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The Vaksai's first appearance in the Star Wars Legends continuity was in Rage of the Wookiees, an expansion pack for Star Wars Galaxies developed by Sony Online Entertainment and released on May 5, 2005.[1] The fighter was later added to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game with the release of the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide on July 21, 2009.[2] In Star Wars Galaxies, the Vaksai was a reward for freelance pilots who assisted the Civilian Protection Guild in their recapture of a CR90 corvette in the space above Kashyyyk.[1]

The reward from the quest was based on the player's specific pilot profession. Rebel pilots received an advanced heavy T-65 X-wing starfighter, while Imperial pilots received an Emperor's Royal Guard TIE/IN starfighter. The player was able to receive at least two of these three ships if they changed pilot factions and returned later to redo the quest.[1]



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