"Arra has already lost her mother. She can't lose her father too. It will crush her."
―Natala Yooms, referring to Val's death[src]

Val was a Human female who lived during the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Val was the sister of Natala Yooms, the wife of Zeerid Korr, and the mother of Arra Yooms. Although she lived with her husband and daughter on the Mid Rim world of Vulta, Val's time with Korr was limited, as he served as a commando and pilot for the Republic's Special Forces during the war. At some point prior to the Battle of Alderaan, Val became plagued with dizzy spells but still elected to take Arra to visit Korr during his planetside leave. While driving to meet her husband, Val suffered an episode and swerved into another airspeeder. The accident killed Val and crippled Arra, leaving Korr as a widower caring for a disabled daughter.


"I told her not to marry a soldier, much less a pilot."
―Natala Yooms, on the advice she gave to her sister, Val[src]

Val was a Human female[2] who was alive around 3681 BBY[3] and was the sister to Natala Yooms. She eventually met and fell in love with Zeerid Korr, a member of the Galactic Republic's army who served as a commando and pilot[2] for the Special Forces division[4] known as Havoc Squad. Natala cautioned her sister not to get involved with a pilot or soldier because of their inherent disregard for their own safety, but Val chose not to listen, instead marrying Korr and conceiving a daughter, Arra in 3662 BBY.[2]

The three lived together in the city of Yinta Lake on the Mid Rim world of Vulta. Although Korr loved both his wife and daughter deeply, his duty as a soldier forced him to leave Vulta and fight for the Republic in the ongoing galactic war against the Sith Empire. Before the Sith invasion of Alderaan, while her husband was away, Val began to develop dizzy spells that impaired her motor abilities. She informed Korr of the situation, but the two overlooked the issue when he was issued a temporary planetside leave of absence. Eager to see her husband, Val traveled to meet Korr with her daughter in tow. During the trip, Val experienced another dizzying episode, causing her to veer her airspeeder from its path and collide with another vehicle. The accident killed Val and left Arra crippled; the young girl was nearly killed as well, but instead only lost her legs, which were crushed in the impact.[2]

Immediately after the incident, Korr resigned from the Republic Military to grieve for his wife and care for his daughter. Because the former soldier had no pension to speak of and no other readily available income, he was forced to join The Exchange as a smuggler. While he worked to earn credits for Arra's medical expenses, the young girl was looked after by Val's sister, Natala.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Val loved Zeerid Korr deeply, and was willing to ignore her own sister's advice on choosing a mate in order to be with him. She missed Korr during his tours of duty with the Republic Special Forces, and so was willing to drive an aircar to see him while he was on leave, despite her own debilitating illness. Her death deeply affected her daughter Arra, and was a major motivator for Natala Yooms's later encouragement of Korr to spend more time with the young girl.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Val was first mentioned in The Old Republic: Deceived, a 2011 novel by Paul S. Kemp. In the novel, which serves as a tie-in to the LucasArts video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, Val is never seen; she is only referred to in memories and conversation, as her death occurs several years before the events of the book begin.


Notes and references[]

  1. The Sacking of Coruscant, which serves as the setting for much of The Old Republic: Deceived, takes place in 3653 BBY, according to Timeline 1: Treaty of Coruscant. Deceived indicates that Zeerid Korr mustered out of the Republic Special Forces a number of years prior to the Sacking, on account of Val's death.
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