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"The crew of the Valance would spill their guts to the Imps just to put themselves in the clear."
Lynaliskar K'ra Snyffulnimatta describes the Valance's crew[src]

The Valance was a small freighter that was docked at the spaceport near Cadgel Meadows on the planet New Plympto in 19 BBY. Following the Galactic Empire's conflict with the native Nosaurian population, the Valance and all other starships at the spaceport were grounded by the Empire. The crew of another ship docked in the port, the Maka-Eekai L4000 transport Uhumele, believed that the crew of the Valance was willing to aid the Imperial forces and so shot and damaged the Valance while the Uhumele fled the planet.


"It's the small freighter with green markings—near the south edge of the field."
Crys Taanzer describes the Valance[src]

The Valance was a small silver freighter with a pair of wings that extended from both sides of the main fuselage. Each wing included an engine decorated with green markings. Three landing struts—one on the fuselage, and one below each engine—supported the ship when landed. The body of the ship also contained a forward-facing viewport and two rear-facing fins, all located midship.[1]


"Which ship is the one Sniffles mentioned—the Valance—whose crew is in tight with the Imperials?"
―Dass Jennir asks about the Valance[src]

The Valance was crippled by Jennir's attack.

In 19 BBY, one month after the formation of the Galactic Empire, the Valance and its crew were on the planet New Plympto, parked near the south edge of the spaceport located in an area known as Cadgel Meadows. During its stay on New Plympto, the Valance and all other ships in the Cadgel Meadows spaceport were grounded by Imperial forces following the Empire's conflict with the native Nosaurians.[1]

While the Valance was grounded, the crew of the Maka-Eekai L4000 transport Uhumele, who were also grounded in the port, found reason to believe that the crew of the Valance would rather inform the Imperials of any attempt to escape the port than take part in one, in hopes of protecting themselves from the possible consequences. When the Uhumele did attempt to escape to avoid being searched by the Imperials, one of its crew, the Jedi Knight Dass Jennir, stole an Imperial Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter and, acting on the assumption that the Valance's crew would not defy the Imperials, opened fire on the small freighter to give the impression that the Imperial forces were attacking the grounded ships. The Valance was damaged by the attack and collapsed forward onto its nose while the other ships in the port fled, as their crews believed that the Imperials meant to attack their vessels as well.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Valance appeared in the second issue of the Dark Times: The Path to Nowehere story arc, which was illustrated by Douglas Wheatley and written by "Mick Harrison,"[1] a pen name of Randy Stradley.[2] The comic issue was released on January 24, 2007.[3]


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