"They broke in, hacked my system, downloaded everything, and left a virus behind that wiped out my entire mainframe. Lady Valarian was behind it. The hackers were working for her."
Romo Vax, to a spacer[src]

The Valarian hackers' bunker was an outpost on the Outer Rim world of Tatooine used by hackers in the criminal organization known as the Valarian gang during the time of the Galactic Civil War. It was located a short distance south of the town of Wayfar, and west of Romo Vax's hideout.[1] Circa 1 ABY,[2] the bunker was attacked by Bib Fortuna's henchmen because a Sennex spy known as Romo Vax claimed that the Valarian hackers had stolen information belonging to Jabba the Hutt.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Valarian hackers' bunker was a location in the 2003 massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided,[1] prior to the game's closure on December 15, 2011.[3]

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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