Valen-Da was a powerful male Voss Mystic that lived during the Galactic War.


In 3641 BBY, Valen was greatly concerned with the dark entity Sel-Makor that lived at the center of the Dark Heart, and thought of a method to destroy him and purge the corruption from the Nightmare Lands. He had a Force vision in which Sith Lord, a Jedi Knight and a Voss Commando were decisive in the demise of Sel-Makor. When Valen-Da met Lord Fulminiss he recognized him as the Sith from his vision and agreed to work with him, but only to ensure that the vision come true. Together the Sith and the Mystic went to the Nightmare Lands, followed by the Hero of Tython and the Voss Commando Tala-Reh.

In the Dark Heart, the Hero defeated Fulminiss and Tala-Reh sacrificed herself to destroy Sel-Makor. Valen-Da promised that her sacrifice would not be forgotten and departed back to Voss-Ka.

Behind the scenesEdit

In a dark side option, the player can sacrifice Valen-Da to Sel-Makor, saving Tala-Reh. You can also strike him down out of disgust after Tala-Reh is sacrificed.


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