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*[ 'Star Wars Rebels': Zeb Character Short]
*[ 'Star Wars Rebels': Zeb Character Short]
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"'LS-607' requesting reinforcements!"
―Valon Rudhor[src]

Baron Valon Rudhor,[1] codenamed "LS-607", was a TIE fighter pilot in service to the Galactic Empire on Lothal several years prior to the Battle of Yavin. He and several stormtroopers were assaulted by Garazeb Orrelios when the latter became lost in the streets of Lothal's Capital City. Rudhor then attempted to call for reinforcements, but his request was met with indifference by his commanding officer. Sometime later his TIE fighter was defeated by the Ghost and found in the fields by local con artist Ezra Bridger, who pretended to try to help him in order to rob him, and sell pieces of the ship in the black market.

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