The Thranta-class War Cruiser Valiant was the sister ship of Courage and Fidelity, and was the escort of the Alderaanian War Frigate Another Chance.


Valiant was found by Rogue Squadron during the Battle of the Graveyard, when the ship thought that Tycho Celchu's X-wing was the Another Chance because the Alderaanian native was using the Frigate's unique Alderaanian frequency as his snubfighter's IFF code. The warship itself was run only by droids and, like her sister ships, was originally slave-rigged to the Another Chance. The Valiant played a key role in the resulting victory of Rogue Squadron.

The ship was taken by the Rogues back to their base in the Yag'Dhul system; after some work they were able to use it to excellent effect in the closing stages of the Bacta War against Ysanne Isard. The ship was placed under the command of Aril Nunb, a Sullustan and sister of Nien Nunb after Emtrey was jokingly suggested as a possible candidate and Booster Terrik declined the post. The warship later participated in the fight against the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya at Thyferra, where she attacked the Star Dreadnought's main engines. The ship remained under the command of Nunb after the battle.



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