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The Valiant was a Valor-class cruiser that served as the flagship of Admiral Dabrin of the Republic Navy during the Galactic War with the reconstitited Sith Empire. A celebrated war hero, Dabrin was targeted by the corrupted Jedi Knight Warren Sedoru—under the mental control of the Sith Emperor—and the Valiant was seized by Imperial forces under Sedoru. The Hero of Tython successfully rescued Dabrin and redeemed the fallen Jedi Master, and the Valiant later served in the invasion of the Empire's capital Dromund Kaas. After the battle, the Hero and crew were awarded the Cross of Glory on the Valiant's flight deck.


A hump-backed Valor-class cruiser,[1] the Valiant was over 500 meters in length.[2] With three primary and four secondary engines on a tower protruding from the lower hull and a command tower situated atop the upper hull. The Intercessor possessed several hangars along its sides,[1] where it originally stored a complement of 110 starfighters—including Liberator-class starfighters—25 shuttles, and 40 bombers.[4]


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