"Gentlebeings, I'm certain we can find a way to do business."
―Lady Valles

Lady Valles Santhe was the head of the Santhe family during the Galactic Civil War and as such controlled the Santhe Corporation and its subsidiaries Santhe/Sienar Technologies and Santhe Security.


Valles was the granddaughter of the Liann industrialist Kerred Santhe, who acquired a controlling share in Sienar Technologies and its subsidiary Republic Sienar Systems c. 99 BBY. Sienar Technologies was renamed Santhe/Sienar Technologies and Republic Sienar Systems eventually became Sienar Fleet Systems, manufacturer of the TIE Series of Imperial fighters.

Lady Santhe was a small woman with black hair and flashing dark eyes whose presence commanded an unmistakable air of authority. She was an arrogant woman who was used to almost unlimited wealth and power. Her companies factories employed a large percentage of the population of Lianna. She openly supported the Galactic Empire but in reality she was a firm believer in Liann independence and did not particularly care for the Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

When Santhe/Sienar Technologies received an Imperial defense contract (Codename NOVA) to develop an improvement of the Energy Emittance Baffler, a key component of a cloaking device, the Imperial Advisor Lord Rodin Hlian Verpalion was assigned to oversee the project. Valles treated Lord Verpalion with caution but secretly hated him. She manipulated his visits carefully so as to ensure good reports to Emperor Palpatine.

Following the Emperor's death she was able to attain a degree of independence for her homeworld, despite the pro-Imperial attempts of Lord Verpalion. When the CEO of Santhe/Sienar Technologies, Raith Sienar, was assassinated Lady Santhe took direct control of the company. She created Sienar Army Systems which manufactured the Century tank and other ground vehicles for the Empire under the Reborn Emperor. However, she also used the weapons as a threat to prevent an Imperial occupation of Lianna by Moff Gronn.



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