"I'm guessing the Sith weren't a modest people, judging from the sculptures and reliefs lining the canyon walls. They're all different, and the scale doesn't give me any idea how big these people really were."
Captain Naz Felyood, commenting on the valley[src]

The Valley of Golg was one of many burial valleys constructed on Korriban by the ancient Sith Empire. It was located near the planet's equator.

According to a survey made by the pirate vessel Jynni's Virtue, the valley ran for at least a hundred kilometers or more, and at one point the canyon floor was as deep as 1,200 meters. It was lined with tombs similar to those in the Valley of the Dark Lords and was covered in runes of protective Sith magic.

The valley was particularly notable for containing the tomb of Sith King Dathka Graush.



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