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The Valley of the Eremite was a valley on the planet Jakku that was near the Plaintive Hand plateau. From 30 BBY, Sheev Palpatine built a secret research and weapons facility known as the Jakku Observatory beneath the Valley of the Eremite. He tasked a local boy named Gallius Rax with guarding the site for the next ten years. As a reward, Rax found a place in Palpatine's Galactic Empire and eventually rose to the position of Counselor to the Empire shortly before the Battle of Jakku.[1]

Rax tasked Niima the Hutt with guarding the path leading to the Valley of the Eremite in order to conceal the Jakku Observatory. During the Battle of Jakku, Rax used the facility to activate a giant mining bore which drilled into the planet's core. As part of the Emperor's posthumous Contingency plan, Rax planned to detonate Jakku along with the Imperial remnants and the New Republic Defense Fleet. He was stopped by Grand Admiral Rae Sloane with the help of Brentin Lore Wexley and Norra Wexley.[1]

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