"I'm unique. The galaxy hasn't seen a man like me since Nok Drayen wiped out half the Hutt Cartel in one night. My legend's just begun—how about being the first Jedi I ever kill?"

Valon was a Human male pirate who joined the White Maw during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire.


During the Cold War, Captain Valon became a dangerous grunt when he launched initial raids against the Rift Alliance coalition forces. After joining the White Maw, Valon became very indistinguishable from the other pirates who flocked to Hoth in search of easy pickings. For his sudden rise, he gathered many followers to serve by his side and take advantage on the Rift Alliance. While he was able to reclaim an advanced "healing armor" for himself, Valon survived several attempts on his life, including the onslaughts from the Rift Alliance coalition forces and failed coups from overambitious lieutenants.

In 3642 BBY, the first year of the renewed conflict, Valon was faced by the Barsen'thor who aided a a Rift Alliance unit under the command of lieutenant Felix Iresso. After his first defeat by the Jedi Consular, his body armor completely healed him and was willing to have his chance by defeating the Jedi once again. After the Consular managed to disable the armor, Valon was defeated, and pleaded make a deal with the Jedi to be given free rein to harass the Empire in exchange for his life. The Jedi Consular refused his offer and Valon was taken into Republic custody.

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