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The Valor was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer that served in the Imperial Navy.


The Valor served as the flagship of Admiral Val DeGoort. After an incident where the Valor collided with another star destroyer during a close-approach coordinated-action exercise, DeGoort and his ship were transferred to Goroth Prime as a "penal" assignment.[2]

As part of the Goroth task force, the Valor was in permanent equatorial orbit around the strategically important planet.[1] The second slot in the task force was taken up by another Imperial-class Star Destroyer on rotation roster of two months.[2]

With the ship permanently assigned to Goroth, a large part of the Valor's TIE fighter complement was assigned to the planetary garrison. Twenty-four were stationed at Graith, eight at A'Lenba and another eight scattered among other o'bekis.[2]


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