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Valorum was a prince and a member of the Knights of Sith. He was summoned to hunt down General Luke Skywalker and his allies by Darth Vader after it became apparent that Skywalker may have survived the self-destruction of the hidden base.[1]

His reputation had preceded him, as Darth Vader had instantly recognized him when he had arrived on the Space Fortress for his assignment and informed him that his exploits were legendary. Valorum also required that he be given a tie-in to the Imperial's computer network, a control center, and all-communications access for his assignment, citing he wouldn't have been present if he didn't think Skywalker had been a Jedi.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Valorum was a character in the rough draft of what would eventually become Star Wars, as well as the Dark Horse Comic adaptation of the script, known as The Star Wars. In the development notes for the script, George Lucas compared Valorum's change of heart to that of "a Green Beret who realizes wrong of empire. [sic]"[2]


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