"But we don't trust the Vanqors. How could we, after what they have done? ... We will talk to Van-Ith, the ruler of Vanqor."
―Typha-Dor ruler Binalu, to the Jedi envoys sent at the behest of the Galactic Senate.[src]

Van-Ith was a Human male who served as the ruler of Vanqor in the years leading up to the Clone Wars.


During the Separatist Crisis, Van-Ith began an expansionist enterprise of invasion and conquest that led the Vanqor to controlling the entire Uziel system, except for the planet Typha-Dor. The Vanqors dominated Uziel airspace.

Despite his planet's lack of resources, Van-Ith was able to create a massive amount of power for Vanqor through cunning use of the few resources the planet did have augmented by a skillful conquest of worlds rich with resources—an aggressive enterprise that lay in stark contrast to planets like Typha-Dor and others that had large amounts of resources, but ostensibly no drive to succeed. Under Van-Ith's rule, Vanqor was thus able, through its expansionist policies, to creating booming industries for itself and to achieve a measure of wealth.

In 25 BBY, Van-Ith ordered an invasion of the neighboring planet of Typha-Dor. Employing an undercover agent by the name of Mezdec, to infiltrate Typha-Dor's TY44 satellite surveillance outpost, Van-Ith moved forward with Vanqor's invasion once Mezdec had delivered a disk containing false invasion plans to Typha-Dor's rulers and military leadership. Van-Ith's plans were foiled, however, by the Jedi, who were able to deliver a disk with Vanqor's true invasion plans to Typha-Dor's rulers. This enabled the threatened planet to launch a preemptive countermeasure to trap Van-Ith's fleet in a satellite-moon corridor through which the Vanqor fleet made its approach, and to force a truce.

Van-Ith worked with Typha-Dor's "twin rulers" Binalu and Talus, and also Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Clee Rhara, Siri Tachi, and the other Jedi sent, to negotiate a ceasefire and an enduring peace between the two worlds.

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